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We need this!

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I would love to have this as an addition to Black Ops 2: Zombies. I don't care how you do it, if you have to share this post multiple times but I want Treyarch to read this.

This is my idea but it can be all of ours. I REALLY REALLY want this and can't choose any words that can emphasize I much I want this: Custom Maps

Here is how it would go:

I can choose any map from the multiplayer and convert it into a zombies map.

I can choose time of day and weather. So I can choose bright day, sunet, nightime with visible moon, or eclipse moon. The weather I should be able to choose if I want it to snow or rain.

The prices should be customizble but limited so people don't go overboard. They can choose any weapon they want and put it on any wall. The amount of wall weapons are 4-12 (depending on the size of the map). They should cost from 200-1200. The box should be from 450-1500. Opening up bridges and doors etc. should be from 100-2000. All the perks should be limited to 4 perks per game (depending on size) and the player can choose which perks and put them in any location. The cost of all perks will range from 500-8000.

The player should be able to select any type of barriers or entrances. For example; if they want to build a bridge from one end to the other, they should be able to that. Also they should be able to close off parts of the map they don't want.

Players should be able to choose where zombies spawn and how powerful they get each round.

Lastly players should be able to share with friends.

That it is all and yes I am aware you can do something like this for the PC version of World At War.

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Guest Shoreyo

I like it! Keeping it simple would allow all to use it well with any skill, as well as keeping it simple enough for our console brothers to use rather than hogging it on the pc to ourselves :3

A good example would be Timesplitter's map editor, literally an architectural top down view, add blocks of areas, set up the map in levels, add enemy spawns etc, effects on walls including guns etc, then you can test it as both AI: Solo, co-op, or multiplayer.

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