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Takeo's Master and the Egg

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Hey, this happens to be my first post, now that we got that out of the way:

I wanted to talk about Takeo, there are still some things unsolved, or at least that I think deserve to be discussed.

Now then, in Moon Takeo says this:

"Our agreement, is void!" (when he kills Zombies with the Gersch Device)

What kind of "agreement" is he talking about? At first I thought it was just a random quote, nothing special, but remember how we all got from Takeo is just a pawn like Dempsey/Nikolai to Takeo actually has lots to do with the story (his memory for example) thanks to 1-2 quotes that he said? It gets 'better..'

In Ascension (the map where we learnt about Takeo's actual hate against Richtofen) Takeo says

"And THAT was for my Master!"

But, who is Takeo's master?

My best guess is that it's Samantha, why? Well if we look at Kino's 5th "Black Portrait" let's see what Takeo has to say about it.

"What once was, is no more, but shall be again!"

Now this might be far-fetched, but if Treyarch already had the idea, at the time, of Samantha actually being "freed" and a playable character, then this line would make perfect sense.

She had a body once, but now not anymore, but she will gain one again, thanks to Takeo ofcourse.

Also, Sam only talks about Takeo in a 'friend-ish' way.

"Takeo, you play the game real good!"

Those were just a few things that bothered me, now onto the 'main event'

What is Takeo's deal with the Black Egg in Moon?

In all of his quotes with the black egg he openly talks about not liking the egg at all, that it gives him "a very bad feeling", even going as far as calling it "the Egg of the Devil" None of the other characters seem to having that much of a problem with the egg, so why Takeo?

The egg itself, seems to be an alien-like ancient artifact, Maxis knew of it, he even went on telling Samantha about it.

So yeah, I tried searching for answers, on the web and I pretty much looked in every corner of every map (noclip, heckyeahh) but so far nothing.

This all could be irrelevant, or it could be something we all overlooked?

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

"Apparently if you eat one of the eggs that were hard boiled in the natural hot spring (which turns the shell of the egg black!) you would have seven years added to your longevity."

From some guys website.

That doesn't seem to pertain to Takeo at all...

I didn't find anything either.

Welcome to the site by the way!

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In Shangri-La, he has a rather peculiar quote after completing the Easter Egg, "What was will be again!" I have connected that quote to the one in Kino about the portraits and have tried to find a similarity between them. Your idea of Sam being his master does make sense though. At the end of Easter Egg on Moon, Takeo says this, ""I will destroy the remnants of this dishonourable Group 935," so he clearly shares the same goals as Samantha.

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Guest ZombieGK

Also, I just remembered what Takeo's says after freeing Gersch.

"I hope you in turn, free someone else, who needs it"

So this would probably be either Yuri or Samantha.

Either way, we never heard of Gersch again, so he obviously didn't succeed.

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Perhaps he did in an indirect way. I mean Sam was released from the confines of the MPD, but I will agree that since we have not heard of Gersh since, it is unlikely he had anything to do with it.

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Guest xFierce_Fighterx

I don't know how treyarch wants the confines of the aither to work but... while Richtofen was performing tests on Takeo and he was unconsious, Samantha could've somehow communicated with him, possibly shortening the amount of time of his memory loss.

This could all be busted by saying that Takeo's regaining of memory was just an unforseen occurance of Richtofen's testing... but let's ignore that! ;)

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