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Something I found in Kino

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I'm not sure if anyone has seen this but today i was playing on Kino and decided to have a look around the QR machine and looked at all the bottles.

Anyway I had a look inside the cabinet and found that a few of the bottles were actually the perk-o-cola bottles, does this mean anything or is it just another little EE that Treyarch decided to put in?

Perhaps it has something to do with the scientists testing them on the people before they get brainwashed to see if that had any impact on the zombies? Possibly why we have different types of zombies? Although this is just a complete guess[/spoiler:1p22yotb]

I'm sorry in advance if this has already been said, I did look. :D

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No apoligies needed. At least you searched before posting the topic. I imagine this would be a hard one to search for.

The bottles are just a fun little Easter Egg from Treyarch. They don't do anything, just for fun.

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