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Possible connection between FIVE and CotD?

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We all know about the connection between five and ascension. But I just saw something very interesting.

The clocks on five are all stuck on 10:05. And I just saw the clocks on call of the dead were on the same time. Maybe this could be a connection, or it also could just mean that treyarch is too lazy to put on a different time. The only thing I can think of that would disprove this theory would be that FIVE takes place in the '60s and I believe that cotd takes place in present time.

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Guest jayghf1978

Hey Eddie. Hopefully you had fun and learned something. Five is a hard map, especially for two to run the middle floor. Communcation is a must, and work the max spawn to your advantage.

And never played ascension......

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Guest Eddiethehead

You definitely helped me a lot dude and I can't thank you enough for the help. :)

Well have to game sometime again. :)

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Guest jamienewman3

I think Treyarch was just too lazy and i dont think it means anything. But i could see where you see the connection possible.

Wanna play zombies?

Heres my stats:

Kino: 26

Five: 19?

Ascension: 32

COTD: 16?

Shangri-La: 12??

Moon: 19

If you want to play add me, PSN: jamienewman3

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In game, I believe that FIVE clocks are designed to display real-time times based on the clocks that are inside your console, but I am not positive. For example, my Xbox clocks stay at November 11, 2005, and 12:17 am. So therefore, I assume that if I go to FIVE, the time on the clocks will say 12:17. Perhaps CoTD clocks are the same way and your internal clocks are incorrect like mine.

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