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Baikonur and the Cosmic Silverback

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The rocket in Ascension, Launch and the campaign is a Soyuz 2. It's based in Baikonur, the Russian site for their side of the space race. Looking into it, it was first used as a inter-continental missile testing station, hence the campaign mission to take it out.

This is the page for the R7 missiles tested there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R-7_Semyorka

They look very similar to the Soyuz 2s so its possible this is what's on the Moon, so it's nit just rockets being fired at Earth as we may have thought.

Now, on to the Cosmic Silverback. While there is no specific evidence saying that they used animals to test the Soyuz 2 rockets, it is still possible. There are a few options here as to how the cosmic silverback was created:

1. The soyuz 2 was used to take 115 to and from the moon, tested primarily with an ape before taking humans to the Moon. The 115 on board the rocket leaked out and turned the ape into the silverback. This is supported by the fact that he is wearing a CCCP cosmonaut suit:


2. The rocket crash landed, spreading 115 everywhere. This place could just be any jungle, or it could be Shangri-La. This would make sense, as there are huge deposits of 115 already there, so they could attract together like magnets. Also that type of jungle is the kind of place an ape might live.

3. The rocket deliberately deposited 115 over an area, to test whether it would turn things into zombies by crop dusting it, effectively. This is supported by the rocket in Dead Ops only having the head capsule, the rest of the rocket is missing, as it has detatched earlier during the flight to allow the "crop dusting".

So, where is he now? Judging by Dead Ops, he is on an island, in the middle of nowhere. It's likely that is set in the past, as the rockets from the Moon were set in the past, when the land masses of the Earth hadn't formed the current shape (it's called Pangea).pangea-continental-drift.gif

Though, it is possible that this is another paradox supported by the Shangri-La paradox pyramid machine.... But, it is possible that the missile from the future, which was teleported into the past onto the Moon was fired at Pangea, creating the Cosmic Silverback. Then, thousands of years later, his descendants found the teleport device in the pyramid, explains how there is a pyramid in the loading screen of Moon and the whole monkey mini rocket thing. They used it, taking them to the Moon. Giving us this:


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Guest MyLittleHellhound

Nice theory! I'm not really educated on the Cosmic Silverback or anything, so is it the astronaut in the future....?

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Guest Nemesis_96


I'm not entirely sure that the astronaut zombie IS the cosmic silverback, but considering the video that was leaked before the launch of Rezzurection: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFJdCeJVE88 I think that it is the Cosmic Silverback, but they decided to hide his face. Either that or it's just a good coincidence that the Silverback on dead ops can teleport into the map the same way as the the astronaut zombie can on Moon.

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