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Numbers In the Intel Files

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If you look closely at the intel, some of them have numbers!

I also tried translating them into letters (A=1 etc...) They are as follows-

The defector: five-two-eight-eight ebhh

Numbers: one-nine-nine-two aiib

WMD: three-seven-seven-one cgga

Payback: one-nine-four-four aidd

Revelations: one-nine-nine-six aiif

Redemption: four-five-two-seven debg

Now I have no idea what these mean, so if anyone has an idea, that would be cool.

-->The revelations one has Project 1-996 written under it, kind of explains that one....

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

I'm not really sure how to take these numbers and put them into something that actually makes sense, but perhaps someone else could. Payback is the chopper mission right? You're in the .....cobra?



Not sure.

Sorry/ :(

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