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Is It Just Me Or Do The Eggs Songs Feel Out Of Place?

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

Was just listening to the songs today and they felt out of place. The One sounded like it would go best with Moon for me.

Probably just being crazy, but this has been on my mind the whole day lol.

Well depends on how the song makes you feel, and how you interpret the lyrics. Often, people interpret things differently, or hear things differently, which will make them feel a certain way when listening to the song while playing. If you can find a way of how "The One" ties in with the story then go ahead. It's your choice.

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Guest FatedTitan

I think "The One" is the easiest to relate to Moon. "I've been waiting for someone to find me and become a part of me." That points straight to Richtofen switching bodies.

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Guest Black Wolf

The issue with some song analysis is that they only take some lyrics into account. Of course, they are open to interpretation, and I don't necessarily think there is a right answer. However, it's important to consider the entire theme of the song when you're analyzing it.

Consider these lyrics from The One:

"I finally see you on the floor

Your heart's not beating anymore

My lust for you just cannot wait

Your skin, it tastes like chocolate."

These lyrics seem to be referring to a zombie's perspective, someone is eating a dead body after all. You also have to consider the other half of the "I've been waiting..." line, which is "I've been waiting for you to come here and kill me." Samantha is most likely not waiting for Richtofen to come kill her, but a zombie who is somewhat aware of what he's become might be.

Of course, as was stated, things are open to interpretation. I don't think the songs need to necessarily mesh with a specific map. The maps are pieces of a story, and the songs should fit with the overarching themes-- which they do. That being said, it's worth mentioning that at the time The One was written, the story had not been conceptualized to the point that it is now.

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Guest FatedTitan

Apparently someone talked to Sherwood at XP and he said that The One was supposed to come from a zombie's perspective.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

Apparently someone talked to Sherwood at XP and he said that The One was supposed to come from a zombie's perspective.

Yeah that was my initial thoughts.

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Guest Rissole25

I relate the songs with how they sound, not by there lyrics.

As story progressed, the music got heavier, we got more screaming, just to show serious and intensity at that point of the story.

I think they all suited their respective maps, and at the point of the storyline. But I think the most perfect would be Lullaby for a Deadman because it was a simple, sweet, yet vindictive melody. Verruckt also fitted that criteria since it was basically the base of zombies (apart from Nacht), with Perk-a-Cola's, Traps and moving Mystery Boxes. None of the complicated stuff.

Coming Home is also perfect for Moon, because it was intense, like the storyline at that point.

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