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Winter's Howl, Ray Gun, Zap Gun

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I've been meaning to make a thread about this for a while, but I wanted something more concrete to work with. Well, I don't have it, but here goes:

I play lots of FIVE and Moon, and I love both the Winter's Howl and the Zap Guns. I was using the Winter's Howl a few weeks ago, and I noticed something very strange; when you first pull it out and "boot it up", there are moving wing tips on the end of the gun that fold out of sight and are never seen again.

This was quite odd, since it reminded me of an under-developed "claw" apparatus found on the left zap gun to connect to the ray gun.

Later, I was playing Moon and I had to reload my zap gun, only the left one. I noticed that it makes a different noise than the right; its sound is just a slightly modified version of the Winter's Howl reload sound.

I know of the "illuminati" note warning people to be aware of the doctor; nobody knows how he got to that place or time and he should be cooperated with with caution.

My theory is that the doctor is Richtofen (obviously), and the note was being circulated amongst the remnants of 935, who were continuing to work on various projects related to 935's original goals across the globe.

I believe the Zap Gun is one of these projects, developed during the 60's. I further postuate that the Ray Gun's microwave technology served as half the basis for the development (since the Wave Gun clearly uses microwave heating), but I believe the Winter's Howl was created as a prototype of the second half of the device.

This theory would support Porter working at the Pentagon after 935, with a direct hand in the development of the Winter's Howl, while finishing the Zap Gun prototypes on the side.

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