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Its been a while, but new ideas for the storyline popped up.

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Basically, I stumbled upon the following link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_Cosmonauts

It is an interesting conspiracy theory and brings up many thoughts about space travel, covered operations, and the cold war.

This section caught my eye!

There are also rumors that Soviet automatic sample-return craft, Luna, and remote-controlled automatic moon rover, Lunokhods, were, due to failures in automation, manned by cosmonauts who had agreed to take part in suicide missions. However, there is not enough space in either the Luna or Lunokhod for even one cosmonaut, even excluding life support system space. There had been a plan to develop modified Lunokhods with additional controls for use as a transport in manned moon-landing missions but this plan ended with the moon-landing program.

Among the Lunas, a June 14, 1969, failed to launch, a July 13, 1969, test, Luna 15 launched but failed to land on the moon. Among the rovers, there was a failed launch on February 19, 1969, and two successful launches on November 10, 1970, and January 8, 1973.

It's the lunar landers!

Please lend me your thoughts, provide fuel for my fire =)

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To me, this is a way to explain the Lunar Lander in Shangri-La. One crashed in flight and landed in Shangri-La, perhaps? However, those dates really mess things up.

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