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My personal belief is that when you watch the rockets, you see only 3 places get hit. Yes, they are hit big, but I believe they didn't get close enough to Area 51 to effect them.

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Guest Tom852

Very good question imho.

My very first question, when I firstly found myself on FIVE: Why does my character say "we need power" when there is light on.

This one is as basic as the question above. Zombies seem to be killed by the same guns that also kill humans. Knife hits hurt them, bullets hurt them, explosives hurt them, fire hurts them, electricity hurts them, strong air strikes hurt them, and and and.

Zombies seem even weaker than humans. Your character survives a shot of the Mustang & Sally, whereas the zombie doesn't in early rounds.

So why should a bomb kill humans, but not zombies? What is that bomb filled with?

I think the most reasonable answers are:

1) Gameplay, NML wouldn't be what it's meant to be. PAP shall be in a challenging area. You shall also have the option to gather up points down there.

2) They wanna leave us the message, that there are still zombies around, as a reference to BO2. The fight goes on.

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Guest Black Wolf

You could argue that since the zombies have a higher 'health cap' as it were, but I don't think that's the point. The rockets clearly do not destroy the entire Earth, and although the zombies may have lower impact resistance, that only counts for the initial, physical incident.

Regardless of what's in the rockets (though I think that's an immensely important question), the aftermath of mass explosions is going to pose a more significant risk to humans than to zombies. Furthermore, since many of the zombies seem to rise from underground, they would have had a level of protection from the initial blast.

It's also worth considering who originally wanted a zombie army.

Everything is Dr. Maxis' fault. Everything. :P

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