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Would It Be Possible?

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Hello all.

As some of you guys have probably thought, why couldnt the characters just climb out one of the many open areas in Kino and escape an endless horde of zombies? Why couldn't they just run back into the jungle in Shi No Numa? Why couldn't they justwell yeah you get the point.

Anywho, would it be possible that if they tried that, Samantha, before moon by the way, would be able to stop them? Would she create some sort of barrier?

Let me know

This is just a thought, not really THAT important to the story.

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Guest Zombieofthedead

I think for Nacht and Verruckt it's more of a fear of the unknown, and the marines have to carry out a mission in verruckt. For all missions involving the crew, it's that they need something, not that they can't escape. For five, probably to contain the infection. For CotD... I see no good way out.

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Guest i am richtofen

You have no clue how mad it makes me when I can not jump over a 3 feet tall barrier on No Mans Land. But I guess it is just one of those game play only thingys. It's kinda like asking why do I need points to move a couch on Verruckt ? Why don't I die the second I step outside on moon with out a helmet ? Why can we do the Shangri La easter egg 4 times but we only get 1 stone on moon ?

Answer: Because Treyarch said so.

But I think it is safe to say that the characters do step outside the map at one point after the players die, and they are still fighting.

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