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Do you think blowing up zombies are funny?

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Guest Nathan169

Only if they land funny, or are in a funny position. Otherwise, it matters not to me.

I do recall one of the Games from W@W on Der Riese. That i was shooting the pap'd panzershrek like crazy, few of zombie bodies flew up in air but FAR and they landed on near to doorway next to where FG-42 from the steps on way to STG room. Its was the only time the zombies flew in air when they died in W@W for me.

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Well, I don't think it's funny or special or so - main thing they die :) But I have to admit, when I place a claymore and there is just one zombie around, I like to watch how he gets raped while I can already enjoy my drink or something.

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Guest Superhands

Blowing them up doesn'y amuse me, but watching them step on Claymores during high rounds is amusing... the way they stagger to their feet as if they've just woken up from a K.O. :lol:

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Guest Tankeo Dempsaki


Not really, I only think it's funny if they get like, more than half their limbs blown off, or in zero G.

"Corpses float in zero G!"

-GWAR, Storm is Coming

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Guest TheDunbarian

Seeing them get blown up is alright, the best effect though is the Thundergun. Mainly cause of how they go flying, but I also like the characters' reactions to it ("I think that one hit the sky! Holy crap!")

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Guest jasonkorrey

That's true, The blowing up zombie is funny only if they land funny or in a funny position. Otherwise, it matters not or not in the affect of whole scenario.

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Guest CoDzOmBIeZ

I don't really think that it's funny. It's more like enjoyment and satisfying when you blow their body parts apart.

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