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Map to Map jumping *theory with evidence*

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[center:1om0fkzq]Hey guys, so there's been a theory I've been thinking about for some time now.

First things first, I'd like to intoduce myself, i've been an avid lurker on this amazing site for a little less then a year now and thanks to all of you i can safely say I know the Zombies Story line, and this is my First post!

Alright so what i've been thinking about is how amazing it would be to have our zombies maps connected in some way.

By connected i mean game play wise, for example say you were on Der Reise and there was some way to teleport to kino and continue your game there.

Now this does't have to resort to only two maps it could very well be all of them except the ones were our Hero's aren't in (for obvious reasons).

Also I took under consideration that in Nacht and Verruct it wasn't as simple as a teleportation, so the JUMPING could be seen in a little cut scene as the next map loads for you.

I personally think this could be a great way for TreyArch to piece the story together so far and if you think about it, the story is something that we've all came up with and it would be amazing to see it be pieced together.

So getting back on track, I haven't really researched this or taken it seriously because it was just an idea i had UNTIL one day i stumbled on THIS!!

if you skip to 3:40 you'll hear an important question asked to the TreyArch Zombie guys.


[center:1om0fkzq]So as you can see some one asked if there was an ending to a level that led to another lever and they didn't shot it down, you can hear one say


[center:1om0fkzq]this could comfirm somthing i don't want to say its true but it is possible

What do you Guys think?[/center:1om0fkzq]

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Guest Ehjookayted

First of all, welcome to the site! I like how well formatted your first post was. However, I do think that Treyarch followed this up by saying that they were just joking. I do recall Swask2 getting to 100 on Moon and nothing happening.

However, your theory is well-written and I do appreciate that you are finally coming to join the site! :D

Come stop by and say hi in the Introduction Section, so we can all greet you properly. 8-)

Oh, and brains for the good post (when I can give them again).

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Guest Spider Zombie

thanks a lot man ;)

but thats too bad i didn't know about that, but I wouldn't just subject it to moon it could be any map really n there might be more to it then just reaching level one hundred or it doesnt even have to do with levels

like once i saw some one say they were trying out some stuff in Der Riese and the wunder waff , mybe over loading the teleportors

OR this could make a great mega map too :lol:

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