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Updated* Entire Storyline. Happy 115 day!

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The Full Nazi Zombies Storlyine (The in Depth version ?)

Here it goes:

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]June 30, 1908, a large meteor explodes around 5 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. It had a blast force 1,000 times that of the nuke dropped on Hiroshima and leveled 830 sq miles. This was known as The Tunguska Event. One of these meteor fragments landed in a swamp in Japan. When the imperial soldiers approached the crater, they saw a giant stone with glowing red veins running through it. This would later be determined to be Element 115, or Ununpentium. The Japanese built a facility around this suspicious meteor fragment, the facility was known only as, Shi No Numa. Several studies were conducted on it, and it’s radioactive properties were one of the first discoveries. They took this and turned it into a power source for a space age weapon, the Ray Gun. The Ray Gun fires green colored bursts of microwave energy, causing fierce damage to whatever it hits, and risks splash damage to the user when used in close quarters. The Japanese continued their studies here for years until World War 2.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]Now we move to a man named Edward Richtofen. Edward, was an evil genius of epic proportions. He acted as a back alley surgeon before the war, and after the Nazi Party took over he ignored their beliefs and joined the army to satisfy his need to watch people die slowly. Being an incurable sociopath as well as a true psychopath, he sees no difference between natural death and murder and has absolutely no empathy, or remorse for his actions. Richtofen, being his dark talents noticed, was recruited by the illuminati when a certain organization was formed. This organization, was known as ‘Group 935’.

Just before World War II started, The Germans seeked new brilliant technology to aid them in their efforts. Or as they called it ‘improving the human condition’. After creating an alliance with the Japanese, the Germans gained access to the Japanese secret projects. This, is how the Germans discovered Element 115. They took some of the meteors from the Shi No Numa facilities and ‘siezed’ the designs for the Ray Gun. To experiment with this new element with incredible properties, Group 935 was founded. It’s leader, was Doctor Ludwig Maxis. Recruited, were many of the greatest scientists in the world who wished to be apart of this, but they were cut off from any contact with those outside, including their families. However, this did not apply to Maxis who kept his daughter Samantha with him at all times.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]When word of this organization being founded to work with a powerful new element arises, many are very curious on the subject. The two known spy organizations were the OSS and Illuminati, and possibly the Soviets. Regardless, they all had moles placed in Group 935 to extract information on their progress and gain access to their powerful secrets. For the OSS, agents Harvey Yena and Peter McCay were chosen. For the Illuminati, it was Doctor Edward Richtofen.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]When Edward joined Group 935, he worked at an undisclosed facility with Dr. Schuster, a fellow associate. Richtofen decided to research teleportation, for whatever reason. On December 4, 1939, him and Schuster had successfully created and used a prototype teleporter to transport a walnut 3 feet. When he presented his invention to Dr. Maxis, he was laughed at and made a fool out of. This was the beginning of Richtofen’s hatred for Maxis. He disregarded Maxis’s foul comments and continued to work with Schuster until they believed that the teleporter would be able to transport a living human being. Richtofen volunteered himself as his own test subject.

This first teleportation went horribly wrong, but right as well. As it would turn out, something about Richtofen’s teleporter made it link perfectly to those created by the Vril ya millenium’s ago. The first place he teleported to, was the MPD. The MPD was a black hollow pyramid built on the moon by the the Vril ya aliens, likely milleniums before Richtofen landed himself there. It was also, on the Moon. Richtofen described it as being weightless, and the pyramid being a hollow structure with hieroglyphics at the base. When he touched the device it gave him a slight jolt of static electricity. This, was no normal jolt of electricity, it was a program put into it by the Vril ya upon it’s, probably deactivation. The person who first touches begins to hear voices in their head. These voices are there for one purpose, to give the instructions to the first discoverer on how to activate and use it.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]Richtofen, Next teleported to a jungle, except now thousands of years later, he ended up in what is known as ‘Shangri La’, a small ancient society contacted and aided by the vril ya alien astornauts. Soon after this his radio shorted out so what happened to him is unconfirmed, but a few weeks later he returned in the other end of the teleporter. Now still stunned from his journey, he sent Schuster through to see what he just had. After 5 more years of work, Richtofen and Schuster gained many associates, including Dr. Groph, the work with them and ended up building a giant Moon base around the MPD, deemed ‘Griffin Station’. What happened at the jungle will not require mention until later.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]But inbetween these trips, Richtofen had to work on his experiments with 935 like the others. After Maxis fell into the idea of the teleporter, he made Richtofen his assistant. Requiring that Maxis not know of his true knowledge of the teleporters, he played dumb and acted as an inferior to Maxis. Sending reports on their progress back to the Illuminati. After completing a prototype, they sent a subject through the teleporter. The first couple were disintegrated. The next ones, came out at the other end, zombiefied by the 115. Very curious of these subjects, Maxis had another facility established to experiment no them.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]This facility was the old Wittenau Sanitarium, and it’s established codename was ‘Verruckt’. It was used as a research base for the subjects. Their experiments were rather crude, using dentist tools to bore into the zombies brains and find what ‘makes them tick’. This is where Peter McCay, the American spy, was sent. He witnessed and was uneased by the experiments there. But he picked up a whole lot of information for his faction. Richtofen, never being one to be fooled, knew who Peter was from the start. But since he was acting for his own purposes, he found no desire to expose him, his hate for Maxis also influenced this decision. Peter sent out word that he had been compromised by Richtofen, acting out of fear, and the OSS sent in an extraction team, led by Tank Dempsey. Tank went in first but was captured by the Nazi and taken back to Der Riese as one of Richtofen’s test subjects. The rest of the team panicked and rushed in after receiving word on this incident, but much had happened in that short time frame. Due to the incredibly careless handing of the zombies, many were bitten or exposed in other ways and became infected and the zombies broke out slaughtering the guards. Peter was stuck to take his own initiative. The lost his arm in a struggle with a zombie turning off the power, and in his own blood wrote all the information he knew on the **** please report this topic, post **** and cell walls so when his extraction team came they would know where he had left to. Upon his escape he told the Russians what had happened and they set fire the surrounding forrest to stop the zombies from spreading. Sadly, this also trapped the 4 Marines that went in to extract Peter and died fighting at Verruckt upon running out of ammunition. They put up a fight for several days, the one known as ‘John Banana’ was the last to go.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]Due to this major failure at Verruckt, the zombie testing was moved to a new location known as ‘Kino Der Toten’. This one, for good reason was kept from Dr. Richtofen. Kino was an old abandoned theatre in the middle of Berlin, Group 935 used it as a base for brainwashing. Using what information they gathered from the zombies brains at Verruckt, they created films to brainwash the zombies. Maxis worked with a projectionship,(who was an illuminati member who specialized in mind control) to create specialized films to brainwash the zombies, basically reprogramming their minds through images. They did this by restraining them all to chairs in the main theatre and projecting them onto the large screen on the stage. After some time, a test subject began to rise above the rest. This was Subject 2-6. Maxis had noticed he had become very responsive to the treatment, and was able to follow simple commands and instructions. But sadly in a training exercise, an unknown saboteur pulled the fire alarm and the sirens and flashing lights sent Subject 2-6 into a blitz attacking a handler and the Nazi’s put him down.

Kino was not only base for brainwashing though, they also worked with mutants. These mutants were zombified corpses of the Vril ya, taken from the ‘jungle’ Richtofen was teleported too. I will explain more in depth when we get to Shangri La. They infused these zombies with a new incredibly lethal nerve gas, Nova 6. Created by Frederich Steiner at the Discovery facility, it had become the new secret weapon of the Third Reich. A Russian scientist at Kino had also designed the Thunder Gun, which used sonic booms as a weapon. But Kino, upon Maxis’ leave to return to Der Riese, fell to the undead and became the source of the Berlin Outbreak. Everything was abandoned.

Back to Verruck…., After the events there Peter knew to flee to the Shi No Numa facility, where he conducted research to find a cure for himself after being infected at Verruckt(he hadn’t turned yet). When Richtofen arrived he found an armless Peter who had been infected by a zombie was at the end of his line, when Peter asked Richtofen to remove him from his misery, he obliged by hanging him in a hut.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]After this, Richtofen went back to Der Riese to finish up his dirty work. In all of this time, a lot had happened at Der Riese. For one, Maxis had finished his project with Dr. Porter on creating an Ray Gun design with increased charge capacity and less splash damage. Likely along with this upgrade, they built the Pack a Punch, which could upgrade a weapon by fusing it with 115 to increase it’s power.

Richtofen himself, had designed the magnificient Wunderwaffe DG-2, a weapon which used 115 as a power source to fire blasts of chained electricity with a charge of thousands of volts, and it could kill 10 subjects in 1 shot. Another reason Richtofen hated Maxis, was because Maxis hadn’t fulfilled his promise to put the DG-2 into mass production. Along with this, Maxis now has a crush on his secretary, Sophia, but he is also becoming weary of Richtofen. But he did not know what to do. His continuous experiments over exposed him to 115, and he was beginning to loose his mind.

But one big thing that had been going on during all of this, was Richtofen’s tests on Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinksi, and Takeo Masaki, all POWs taken to him after their capture. They were his new test subjects. Richtofen did a variety of experiments exposing in them in to several dosages of 115 in a several ways. He also liked to move them around a lot, since they were at Shi No Numa, Der Riese, a transport boat grounded in Siberia, and possible other places. It seemed that the 3 were immune to zombification due to 115 exposure.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]But there were some side effects. Takeo, had his mind almost entirely destroyed. His whole memory was almost entirely erased and all he could speak were old Japanese proverbs. Nikolai, was unaffected besides memory wipe as well, except it turns out what almost killed him was prolonged deprivation of alcohol. Tank Dempsey, like the others forgot most of his past, but was unaffected besides that and continuously escaped and beat the hell out of the guards before he was re-restrained. Maxis also worked with a Mexican test subject, who’s identity is unknown but he accidently killed him when removing his spleen. He also allegedly conducted some sort of experiments on Maxis’s daughter Samantha, but what they were or the results are unconfirmed, besides her unrelenting hatred of him.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]So now all of this is out of the way, I will continue explaining what Richtofen was finishing up with at Der Riese. Killing Maxis. Richtofen, had recently just received a secret message from the Illuminati giving him the go on killing Dr. Maxis. Richtofen felt no regrets, he hated Maxis for what he’d done to him, not mass producing the DG-2, mocking his teleporter, stealing the idea, then treating him as mere assistant. So Richtofen waited until eagerly for any opening to dispose of him. Meanwhile Maxis had gone mad from 115 exposure and chosen to use his daughter’s own dog, a German Shepard named Fluffy, as test subject #6. When his daughter ran in to see what was happening Maxis quieted her and continued the experiment, proceeding in sending Fluffy through. When she didn’t reappear at the mainframe Maxis thought nothing of it besides another failure, but Richtofen knew she’d ended up some where. Fluffy re-spawned from a blast of electricity, now zombified like the other subjects, Richtofen rushed to the door controls and locked them, trapping in Maxis and Samantha leaving them to be mauled by the vicious hellhound. But Maxis and Samantha dodged the hellhound and used the unlinked teleporter. Maxis was teleported to a remote location while Samantha was teleported to the moon, right in Griffin Station. In fear she darted to the MPD which locked her inside and let out a hiss of smoke. Doctor Groph and Schuster alerted Richtofen of this and he teleported to the Moon to sort out the mess. The voices told him how to operate the MPD to teleport Maxis to them. Maxis arrived in shock and disbelieve at how he’d ended up there. Upon being asked to coax his daughter out of the MPD he instead told her to “kill them… all”. Then Richtofen went through with his orders and shot Maxis, his ‘soul’ was then sucked into the MPD. Samantha let out a roaring laugh, and all the scientists feared the worse to come but Richtofen. He knew exactly what to do. Richtofen returned to Der Riese, releasing all of the zombies in a massacre killing almost all of the scientists while he fled to Shi No Numa where he had his test subjects. He released them from their restraints and just told them fight with him, not knowing anything about themselves they knew nothing better than to listen and fought of the zombies at Shi No Numa which had been re-animated by the 115 all around the swamp.

After finishing in wiping them out, he returned with them back to Der Riese to get all of the DG-2 prototypes for him and his new ‘allies’. They fought off the now zombified scientists and old test subjects. Richtofen noticed here that Sam was now able to control the zombies from the MPD. It became clear through the spawning hellhounds and the flytrap, and power up drops, and teddy appearing everywhere. It was a cruel game she was playing with him for her father’s revenge. With the Wunderwaffes it was a breeze and Richtofen had them all get into the one teleporter, but when they did it overloaded with 115 from the DG-2s, Sending them to Kino Der Toten. Richtofen was unsure of what had happened here since it was kept secret from him. It began to make Richtofen question how much the group actually knew, and what else they could have been hiding. He scrounged the place while fighting off the undead and discovered the corpses of the Vril ya he had murdered, now reanimated and infused with the nerve gas Nova 6. After fighting off the undead for hours they took the teleporter and ended up at the Ascension facility in a remote region of Russia.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]The Ascension facility, has a story of it’s own. It’s original purpose was to help the Russians beat the Americans in the space race, but it changed to 115 experimentation, which the American were also beginning to experiment with. They built landers and rockets and reverse engineered the Thundergun which one of their agents had desgined with Group 935 decades ago. Their prize project though, was the Gersch Device. After the war, the Russians and Americans each took as many Nazi scientists that they could get their hands on. Gersch, was one of the best the Russians got. The Gersch device was named after him, since he was the leader of the project. The goal was to create a device that could open up a tiny black hole allowing for short distance teleportation, and that was handheld, so it could be moved. Yuri Savoisky, was one of the greatest scientists on this project, but he was sent down to work on rockets for Gersch’s friend to take his place. At Ascension facility they used trained monkeys to go into space on Soyuz platform rockets, land on the moon, scavenge the 115 rocks, and then take the lander back, and due to the chemically engineered perk, PhD Flopper, the Monkeys could survive the heat of re-entry and the fall. The lander, would be destroyed though, trajected to crash land just outside of the facility. This, was how they got the 115 for the Project Mercury, Gersch Devices codename. Yuri hated working on this and found it useless and requiring no creativity or effort whatsoever and in his rebellion sabotaged a rocket to crash into the power-grid upon re-entry. Luckily for Yuri, Gersch was an ex-935 scientist, so he was on Sam’s hit list. It started by Yuri finding a matryoshka doll lying around. Then discovering Sam’s diary, which had all Yuri would ever need to know about 115. She then spoke to him through his head and forced him into listening to her and completing the device. Upon presenting it to Dr. Gersch, he activated it and had Gersch sucked in and laughed and shouted insults at Gersch until the ‘spell’ he was under wore off and he felt crushed with regret of what he had just done. Meanwhile, Gersch was stuck in Aether, and Sam was going to make it even, but she had to come to him first. This is where you help foil Sam’s plans.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]Richtofen arrives with his 3 fellow survivors on a lander docking itself in the lander bay of the centrifuge( a large spinning machine used to prepare astronauts for the strong G forces of re-entry and take off) They, once again found themselves scrambling to the back up power switch, whilst fighting hordes of the undead. Gersch spoke to them from Aether and shouted instructions whilst he could so they could free him from Aether. The secret lied in the Casimir Mechanism, a device that was also created, based on the works of Hendrick Casimir working on technology derived from the Casimir Effect. Gersch needed them to use a gersch to teleport the generator into the swamp, and then activate the 4 nodes, and use all their 115 powered weapons to power the machine while the Gersch created the vacuum for the Casimir effect, and it freed Gersch from Aether. It subjected him to years of random teleportation and insanity, but that is another story. Ascension was the first big piece of Richtofen’s plan, getting a Gersch Device, it would aid him in his final scheme to remove Samantha from Aether once and for all.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]They jumped through the Gersch Device they had activated in freeing Gersch and teleported Call of the Dead. Call of the Dead is actually a Siberian Island in the middle of nowhere. George Romero, was filming a movie there starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Micahel Rooker, Danny Trejo, and Robert Englund. It turns out the lighthouse they were filming at, was a part of a secret Russian facility. It used the lighthouse as a base but the building below it housed a teleporter where our four characters were trapped. And the ship outside, was a crashed Group 935 transport, which once held their test subjects, til they broke out…Richtofen, was once aboard this ship, transporting Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo aboard it and had left his radios aboard the ship. He had even been in the lighthouse! This was because this was a Russian-Group 935 outpost made as a port for Group 935’s ships transporting their subjects, providing them with a stop and guiding them with the lighthouse. But the movie stars were entirely unaware of this, and when George was taken by a zombie into the lake, where he became zombified by all the 115, all hell broke loose. The four fought for survival, and came across the door our four main survivors were locked behind. Richtofen was only one with any idea what to do, so he gave the 4 movie stars instructions on how to free them from the teleporter. They had to fix the blown fuse, destroy the generators, steer the ship controls to signal the submarine(I’ll explain this in a moment), set the light house dials to the secret code, play the foghorns, and send a ‘cured’ zombie into the lighthouse tractor beam in exchange for a Vril Generator from the Submarine crew.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]This whole part with the submarine will requiring some explaining. [i’d like to thank the user Faust for this brilliant theory about the submarine at call of the dead, as well as about the events at Shangri La, so be sure to check out his topic ‘fate of the vril ya (confirmed)’]

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]The submarine was apart of a fleet at an arctic base set up by a Russian admiral in a joint effort between them and the Nazis during the war. Beneath the lighthouse was also a Russian submarine bay. The submarine at CotD was a Russia K-27 arctic submarine, when they found the Uboats at the bottom of the reef they got stuck and had to use the vril generator as a power source to survive. When the movie actors steered the ship, it freed the submarine from the reef. When they activate the tractor beam in the lighthouse, the submarine crew sent them the golden rod as a gift for freeing them and went under the lighthouse to make repairs.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]So now after Richtofen gets the Golden Rod, he gives them the DG-2 as a gift so they can fight off the remaining zombies and they send him off in the teleporter to Shangri La.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]I have held out on explaining this long enough. The reason I didn’t earlier is because it is very confusing to understand mixed it with all of that information at the start. So after Richtofen teleported, he ended up at Shangri La. Shangri La is a paradise in the Himalayas. Thousands of years ago, it was contacted by alien astronauts, the Vril Ya. The Vril ya were an ancient intelligent alien race that became gods to the people of Shangri La. In return for their technology and healing powers, the people worked as slaves mining the 115 in the underground tunnels for them. Richtofen took note of all this and took some of his men with him through the teleporter with the powerful Group 935 weapons, the Ray Gun and DG-2, and slaughtered the Vril ya and made the natives hail him as their new God. There was a shrine placed in the main temple in his honor. Richtofen kept them enslaved in the mines mining 115 for him, except now they did not have the healing powers of the Vril Ya’s technology to keep them from dying/ turning due to over exposure. He used the Shrink Ray he stole from Maxis to move it easily and unnoticingly. Along with this, Richtofen would take them by the dozens as ‘sacrifices’ to power the MPD. He had them taken back to Moon with him and killed, so that their ‘souls’ could be used to power the MPD and open it up. Eventually, the Vril ya were became zombified and they had to pull out. Their corpses, buried on the moon, would also become reanimate by the 115 in the moon’s craters and would be the downfall of Griffin Station. When Richtofen returned to Shangri La, he had to kill his old worshippers, but more importantly get the focusing stone. A meteor had crashed into the temple sometime in his absence and the voices told him it was needed for his generator to focus the energy. But he had to access to behind the temple wall, so he had to free the two explorers which trapped themselves in a trap, and were now stuck in a paradox. So they would give them dynamite and blow a hole in the wall for him to take the focusing stone. Which he shrunk with the Shrink Ray to fit in the core of the Vril Generator.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]Now I have to go take a step back once again in order to explain this. Back, during the time frame of Ascension, the USA was working with 115 as well search of weapons for Vietnam, the Arms Race, or tech that could aid them in the space race. So a lab was built beneath the Pentagon. Back, all the way since World War II, the OSS had spies Peter McCay and Harvey Yena spying on group 935. Since Harvey went dark and McCay deceased, they needed another inlet of information. One who stepped forward was Dr. Porter, who had worked with Maxis and had a presence at almost tall of the facilities, since his weapon always shows up. He showed the US government a gold mine of secret technology deep in Berlin, hidden in plain sight. Kino Der Toten. The government killed off the zombies, and took all of the technology they could move. Including the perks, Pack a Punch, ThunderGun, Nova 6, teleporters, the chalkboards, everything down to some zombies themselves! They worked tirelessly in the lab in the Pentagon working with this technology until they had perfected the teleporters to require only a slight cooling time and instant teleportation. The scientists also created their own ice-based wonder weapon, the Winter’s Howl. Everything that they could get from Kino Der Toten they took and reverse engineered to perfection. Even mind control experiments of their own were done on the zombies. They followed the information gathered from the research notes of the Germans to do their own experiments, and with unlimited resources and decades of newer technology. The downfall of the lab at Five, was the fifth zombie. Samantha, couldn’t let Porter live, he was also a 935 member, so she manipulated and had one of the corpses in the catacombs on the wall reanimated and it attack and infected almost all the lab workers. Porter, likely fled the facility or ended up as the Thief, but nothing can really be confirmed. So one day October 1962, A meeting was going on between JFK, Nixon, Fidel Castro and Robert McNamara regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis. But the labs burst with zombies and attack the four in their meeting and they were stuck scrambling for their lives battling in the war room of the Pentagon.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]Along with this tale, goes that of Hangar 18. At Hangar 18 at Area 51, experiments were conducted by Majestic 12. MJ12 had been involved since the start and had their own little set of files on Peter McCay and what happened at Verruckt and with the zombies in general. Back in 1947, a Vril saucer crash landed in Roswell NM, and was taken to be reverse engineered at Area 51, this was when they first discovered the vril technology which the Germans had been experimenting with. They knew about Griffin Station and were attempting to link their teleporter to the one above the MPD. So they worked for years on this, and created a prototype teleporter at the Hangar. Covering up their real purpose and experiments with the SR71 Blackbird. CODZL was showing us the preparation for the Moon landing team to battle whatever would be waiting for them on the Moon. The team of them was sent to the Moon with the new weapons such as the wave gun, but still could not fend off the ravenous hordes. But MJ12 got enough information to finish their teleporter and have it link to Moon. Along with this, they had successfully began to contruct a space telescope for observation of Griffin Station. Yet this didn’t go through because the Russians snuck in and broke out of Hangar 18 with one of the recovered bodies. And as they finished the teleporter, the zombies brokeout and all hell brokes less at Area 51.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]So now that all of that with the Americans has been cleared up, I can explain what happens on Moon. Richtofen and the three of them arrive at Area 51 right in the midst of the zombie outbreak. But Richtofen is guided by the voices, he knows now is the time to finish it. They teleport to the Moon and destroy all of the zombies in their path. Richtofen first has to turn on the power on the Moon so the station is active and the life support is active so he could hack the security systems and override them. Then he used the Bucket Wheel excavators to breach tunnel 6 to free the metal ball Yuri Gagarin tossed to the Moon, jettisoned from the Vostok spacecraft in his famous flight. After placing this into the MPD Richtofen had to fill the canister with the ‘souls’ so he had to kill 25 zombies to fill it. Now the MPD opened revealing Samantha inside and she began spewing insults Richtofen, knowing nothing could stop him. Now Richtofen teleported back to the earth. The telescope mirror at Hangar 18, was made of Gold plated beryllium. Perfect for creating the Casimir Effect around the Generator to charge it. So Richtofen used the Gersch to suck them up and teleport them with him and override the security systems and then charge up the generator. The pulls the lever now to activate the four next canisters which he fills once again, now with the death machines (M134 miniguns) and upon finishing filling up the canisters, he walks up to the pyramid and places in the vril generator. Now him and Samantha have switch bodies, Samantha has been placed into Richtofen’s body, and vice versa. He now controls the zombies, his goal at least completed. The world will be his.

[tab:6a6hfckx][/tab:6a6hfckx]Except Samantha, her Father, and Tak-Tank-and Nikolai have other plans. Samantha hacks the computers and overrides what Richtofen did so now Maxis will have control. After he was shot back in Moon and his soul sucked into the canister, Samantha did something with his soul so he could control the computer systems at Griffin Station. When she gave him power, he needed her to bring the artifact, the metal ball Yuri ejected, and send it to Maxis with a Gersch Device. Now, Maxis takes control of the systems and launched the 3 nuclear rockets straight towards the Earth. It is unknown whether or not the were stopped by interceptor missiles, but either way here is the end result:

Earth is damaged by nukes, Richtofen controls the zombies, Our three survivors have almost entirely regained their memories, Samantha and Richtofen have swapped bodies.

But where will we head to next?

I have some theories on what will happen next, see DWARKA:


PS here’s Fausts post that helped me greatly : http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=14365

Hope you guys liked it and Happy 115 day ?

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Guest Ehjookayted

Brilliant! :)

Good job, I've read the original of yours, so I assume this is that, but more epic!

The only thing is that when you have time, you might want to break it up into paragraphs and even use our new tab feature! But hey, great work. 8-)

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Nice job [brains]

What would be cool "ending" for the story would be that Dempsey was Harvey Yena.

The gang decides to stop 935 by sending Dempsey from the post apocalyptic future back in time to infiltrate Group 935 before the creation of zombies. So actually Harvey Yeana is Dempsey from the future trying to destroy Group 935.

And it seems Harvey Yeana (Dmepsey) never succeeded so the story is left in loop. Concluding it.

Think about it :lol:

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Brilliant! :)

Good job, I've read the original of yours, so I assume this is that, but more epic!

The only thing is that when you have time, you might want to break it up into paragraphs and even use our new tab feature! But hey, great work. 8-)

OH ok because I was kind of annoyed because I had it in paragraphs when I C&Ped it and it got all messed up.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Brilliant! :)

Good job, I've read the original of yours, so I assume this is that, but more epic!

The only thing is that when you have time, you might want to break it up into paragraphs and even use our new tab feature! But hey, great work. 8-)

And I've got an even bigger one coming up, I just rushed this one in on sunday morning for 115 day.

and thanks for the tip I added in the tab feature. Is there a way to double space it to?

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