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CoDz User Manual? Yea or Nay?

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Hello, I am MegaAfroMan, and I have been a very proud member here at CoDz for a little while now, and I was recently greeting one of the many new users we receive, and trying to point out areas of the forum, and some particular threads of interest, and the thought just occurred to me; what if I were to make a thread which was updated every so often, which contained a brief overview of the site and its features, and pointed out some particularly great threads (I am not sure what criteria I would use for this yet, however one that immediately comes to mind is Eye's MZG) and even explained the purpose of brains and zombification and the powers and status of mods and other such little bits and rolled it into one thread which I would like to title the C.O.D.Z. User Manual.

I am asking you, my fellow members here at CoDz, if such a thing exists, if it does not exist then would it be worth having (thinking more for newer members than perhaps the older ones), and if so what thread it would have to be posted in. I also would not mind suggestions as for what would go into it, like questions that people make commonly have ie: what exactly are brains? or certain threads I should point out? Any feedback would be appreciated! Until then I will start scouring the site and begin making a rough draft!



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There's a thread on How to be a Good CoDz user, but it's very old. I think you could write a great thread man! You've got the reputation as a very reasonable and eloquent user so I don't see a reason as to why you shouldn't write this. Thanks for the mention, and you'll have my support as always. :)

Here's that guide I was talking about, it's in Site News.


I don't know if there's more to be said. By the way, I'm working on a general etiquette thread in terms of debating and not arguing, so hopefully that will shape your decision. I'm for another cool guide with usergroups and such outlined, but there a few out there, nothing fully, 100% compiled though! I think you've got a good idea here.

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Thank you for that link! I am attempting something a little bigger than that. I could send you a rough draft when I am near completion if you'd be willing to view it over for me. Right now I have covered how to find the Code of Conduct and am begining to talk about the Board Index Page. I plan to heavily cover this page and a few other key features and then to briefly cover the other sections of the forum. I still am not sure if I want to mention any specific threads or not. Currently beginning the 5th paragraph as we speak!

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This is really good. I probably misunderstood a bit of the intent, but now that I've re-read it, this is genius.

I'd be happy to look it over for you man. :D

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Anyone know where I should post it? Right now I am typing the rough draft as a PM to myself, I think it should technically go in the Help/ questions section, but I am afraid it will get lost and die all the way at the bottom of the list on the Index page. Oh well. I'll ask a mod or someone when it is close to completion. Perhaps I will send a PM containing it to Covert or someone if it gets large enough. I think it might get kind of big, I am on 5 paragraphs now and I am still explaining the lay out of the index page (red vs white text etc..).

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You know the thing I am finding the most annoying? I cannot use the "tab" function, and it throws me off! I am so used to using "Tab" to indent new paragraphs. I cant even just use the Space bar 5 times. It always shows up without the indent. Gah!

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I'd be more than happy to look over it once it's done. Perhaps we can even consider posting it in the Site News and stickying it. ;)

By the way, if you'd like, I can consider adding a set of tags that will allow you to insert tabs into a post. Would you like me to look into it?

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I'll look into including tabs. I'm not quite sure how to do it but I'll try to figure out if it's possible.

And haha, is 90,000 characters not enough for you?

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Haha, very clever. :P

[tab:1hsec2oc][/tab:1hsec2oc]Anyway, including the tab was a lot easier than I expected. It's so simple that I feel kinda stupid for not thinking of it myself considering I can write in HTML. This sentence is an example of the tab being used.

[tab][/tab]Nothing goes inside the tab tags. Just include the sentence after the closing tag and it will work correctly. 

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[tab:2hklcw1c][/tab:2hklcw1c]Ah, I can finally indent the things I want to indent, creating a more readable post. This should be good. This site is now basically Microsoft Word, well the basics at least. Hey Covert, might want to update that thread in site news with this?

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Wow thanks Covert! I will make sure to send you a copy via PM (or several if it gets big enough...) And hey! I can try to include some of the information on how to make posts readable in here too! (like tabs) I kind of don't even want to go back and put those in now.. We shall see how I feel later.

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By the way, on note of posts, is it my computer or does the post box (where you put everything) occassionally go back up to the top without warning?

it really messes me up when Im writing huge pages!

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i kinda made a short FAQ awhile back


I know and trust me I will not try to intrude upon your FAQ in any way, This is not a FAQ it is legitly a Manual. I am already up to about 26 short paragraphs. People will still want FAQ's simply because they are faster. This is not.

In fact I may even link to your post ad a few other FAQ's because I do not intend on answering short questions. Its like reading a fact sheet vs a textbook chapter.

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i kinda made a short FAQ awhile back


Just Included a link to this FAQ actually. I decided you do a better job explaining inserting pictures and videos than I could.

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