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Does the PaP machine do anything on the iTouch?

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Well being an iTouch gamer, i have played der riese a lotand have noticed many weapons seem to not get any extra damage when pack a punched, only getting increased ammo or other effects (Like the Gut Shot loading 2 shells at once). Can anyone confirm this, or is it only some weapons? (In particular, the FG42 seems to get extra damage)

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

I couldn't find anything on the CoD wiki in the sections, but I think there is a possibility that the health of the zombies increases by the time you PaP so it is less noticeable. They might not have included it in the game also because it could be too easy? I don't play Itouch so I have no idea, but maybe they didnt want to put too much similarity in it....?

I make no sense :lol:

Hope this somewhat helps

MyLittleHellhound, Jessica, Taeyeon, and Suzy

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Guest anguscr

well what i mean is the ray gun becomes a two hit kill on round 20. I can confirm that. I pack-a -punched it, and on round 21 it was still a two hit kill.

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