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What do you think the best theory and guide of 2011 was ?

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Hey there guys and gals of CoDz. As you may or may not know 2011 is over (you should really buy a calender if you don't know) which means 2012 has started!... well it started about a week ago but what ever. Now there were a lot of great theory's and guides in 2011 and I was just wondering what you guys and gals think the theory and guide of the year was! So just post below (and link if you want) what you think the best theory and guide of 2011 was! Oh and yes you can pick your own thread but thats a bit egotistic no ? ^u^

For thread of the year I pick Mix's moon loading screen thread. Lots of detail and high awesomeness.


For guide of year well I think we can all agree on the master zombies guide by Ehjookayted.

SO POST! This thread could be a good way for great unknown theory's and guides to earn some extra [brains]!

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Guest darkjolteon

My Paris Theory was obviously the best ;D

Nah, in all seriousness, it has to be said that anything by Alphasnake take my vote. I mean, that guy is a God at theories.

And the Master Guide by the Master himself- Ejookayted - is by far the best guide.


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