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How do zombies increase over rounds?

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I played Verruckt on the 24th, I checked how many kills I got over the first three rounds

1 - 6

2 - 14

3 - 27

I got +6 on round 1

I got +8 on round 2

I got +13 one round 3

Do they just increase in the same random order every time?

Or is it a legit ratio of zombies to rounds?

Does it vary from one map to another?

If I can understand this increase in zombies then I can estimate how many zombies I have to massacre to get through the high rounds.

EDIT: I decided to count this by buying Quick Revive first, resetting the score to 0

Knife kills: 130 points

130 multiplied by 6 = 780

130 multiplied by 8 = 1040

130 multiplied by 13 = 1820

To find this out for yourselves, do what I did

Buy Quick Revive

Kill zombies with knife only

Do NOT buy doors, weapons, repair barriers, etc.

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Guest way2g00

This will hep, heck it helped me all the way to 141 with least variance in zombie horde count.



Its based off a formula discovered by Bintext and confirmed by me until high rounds. I am yet to make a video to show that these stats are by far most accurate I have ever seen. I have a Ascension high run till 90+ rounds with my kill count on screen just to prove this(with almost no nukes). Just too lazy to make the video.

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