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Need help w/ monkeys! Brains reward

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Ok. So im going to try hit a 90+ game on Ascension sometime soon. I've got to 69 a few weeks ago(suicided) and then 68 today. In both game I've lost a quick revive to the lil bastards. I need help on how to kill them better. I always have to save like 10 of the 28 thundergun shots because that the only way I know to kill them. And if I knew better I could protect my qr's and have more ammo for the zombies. Srry so long

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Don't open the door going up the stairs past Juggs that way you can protect QR without worrying about the monkeys taking juggernog. Short answer but I hope it helps. :)

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Yea I do that. But like my problem is I'm having to save like 10-12 shots in my thundergun just to kill monkeys. Wondering if there's a more ammo efficient way. Thank you tho

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What tha above guy said plus ....

Position yourself by speed cola and set the trap then run to sentry next to qr activate that set the stamin up trap and run back to qr, this way even if you are low on thunder gun ammo traps will instantly kill them, let last monkey steal a perk then leave it alive until you get re buy all your perks. Sentry will tell you where the monkeys are, it won't kill them in high rounds.


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How are you losing QR to the monkeys? Protecting that machine and the Jugg machine should be your main priorities during monkey rounds. And you can protect both of those machines at the same time if you don't open up the top door from Jugg leading up towards the power room. All your other perks are secondary in priority to those two. So the question is, why are you getting out of position in the first place?

I recommend implimenting claymores into your monkey round strategies, and turning on the machine gun turret when you are by it. If nothing else, they'll give you an alarm as to if the monkeys are entering/leaving the area around QR, which also leads to Jugg and Stamina Up.

Don't be a hero and try to save your other perk machines until you know that the monkeys going for QR and Jugg are handled

And if you run out of Thundergun ammo, piss the monkeys off so they go for you rather than the perk machines, and then run them through fire traps

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Thnx guys. I will try those out. Yea I was positioned by qr/jugg but id run out of ammo in tgun, but I think using those traps will help a good bit. Ill try to give brains to all of you when it let's me. Love the help keep it coming lol

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Thanks for the brains. As you can see in my video I got "treyarched" :shock:, so don't be surprised if you lose your quick revive from monkeys randomly. This happened to me twice both times I was doing a high round run.

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