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Character profile questions

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Hey guys. I was looking at the old character profiles and found myself a little confused by Richtofen's. Specifically, it says that he has been torturing people "all through his career," marks him as an "incurable sociopath," and suggests that he has always been crazy. However, it seems that some of the radios would suggest different. I daresay Richtofen sounds remarkably normal in the Moon radios, and they suggest that the voices he hears came from the M.P.D.

Furthermore, the profile states that he was somewhat infamous in "every town under Axis control." To my recollection, the Axis Powers were not known as such until September of 1940. On the other hand, the first Moon radio is dated December 4, 1939. I realize that it's entirely possible that he became infamous prior to the Tripartite Pact, but that raises issues as well. "Every town under Axis control" implies areas that were invaded and taken over as well, areas outside of where Richtofen would likely have been spending his time. Of course, his reputation could have spread by word of mouth and such, but then why would Dr. Maxis have let him into Group 935 if he had a widespread reputation as a sadistic torturer?

Another curiosity from the Moon radio is Richtofen's seeming distaste for Maxis working with the Nazi party and asking "what business of ours is this war?" Now, political opinion aside, that hardly sounds like something someone in the army would say. Aside from that, I find it somewhat difficult to believe that a supposedly high-ranking military officer would simply be able to vanish into a secret scientific group while the country is gripped with war.

Now, I'm by no means an expert, but I think there are some discrepancies. To me, it really seems like the magical retcon at work, but maybe some of you more experienced people can help me out and direct me to other information. Thanks in advance.

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Treyarch has stated that character development was spur of the moment when it came to Richtofen, so they may have not intended to take his story as far as they had. Chances are however that while he was not insane at the time, he might have had an early career as a (rather poor) surgeon, as hinted at by the comic page on the left on the moon loading screen, advertising his clinic.

Perhaps Richtofen situation at his research clinic was what had Maxis take pitty on him and invite him into 935. After all, Maxis seems to act as if he had know Richtofen for a while.

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Guest Black Wolf

That's interesting. I believe you, but I'm curious as to when/where Treyarch made this comment in regards to Richtofen's character. Perhaps there was more information in the same location? Around the community, I so often see "Treyarch said..." without any source for lost people like myself to read firsthand.

I also thought Richtofen being a surgeon was pretty well known. I'm fairly certain it comes up in quotations from time to time, but I wonder why you believe he was a poor surgeon. Considering his inventions, he seems remarkably intelligent, though they do not necessarily seem like something a medical professional would work on. Of course, Maxis is listed as an M.D., so one would generally assume that his assistant would also be a medical specialist. Nevertheless, I wonder why you think he was bad at whatever he did?

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They made this statement at Call of Duty XP during the Q&A segment if I am correct in saying. If you wish to see for yourseld I know the youtube has a complete recording of the zombies display at Call of DutyXP.

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