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People are way too stubborn with easter eggs.

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Last night, my friend Clint and I got together in a game with 2 other random guys on Call of the Dead and (somewhat) started the easter egg. The other 2 didnt even want to do it until we brought it up, and still they didnt want to start until AFTER 15 for some odd stupid reason. After 3 hours of these idiots trying to figure out the lighthouse switches, they both get mad at it and quit. The entire time, I was trying to tell them just to stand down and let me do the dials, but it just didnt sink in. I guess they didnt trust me (since it was my first time doing the Co-Op egg)

After this game, my friend and I go in with just us 2, finish the easter egg on round 9 with no Crawlers and we got it done in like 5 minutes. At this point, I just wanted to go back and scream at the randoms we were with. Thing is, they HAVE done it before. it was our first time! I feel like I wasted 4 hours on something that only needed to take 5 minutes....

(Wasnt sure if this should go in COTD or not. It kinda applys to all Easter Eggs. DONT DO THEM WITH RANDOMS)

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I have successfully completed all the easter eggs with randoms (beside ascension). You just have to talk to them in the lobby and get a feel for their personality. Will they be helpful or hurtful? Will they cooperate and can they hold their own? If not then back out and search again. It takes a little time but I have done it again and again.

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Thats what we did. We got into the game, announced our desire to do the Easter Egg, and these 2 guys said "oh sure, we've done it before, its easy".... 4 hours later, we do it without them. I dont even WANT to do the Shangri-La one now because Honestly, its just too much of a hassle to get 4 cooperating players, and I only know like 2 people that are good and willing to play a game with me. I WANT to do the Moon one, but I just dont wanna do Shangri-La. I dont even like the map.

Requiring Achievments to do Big-Bang-Theory=Bad move in my opinion. Thats the only one that seems to have really badass results, and ya gotta pay $45 to do it? LAME. I think they focussed too much on Cooperation in the Easter Eggs (ESPECIALLY ShangriLa). I feel Zombies is just as much a SOLO game as it is a Co-Op game. Should be more Solo features.

(I bash Shangri La a lot. Its a nice Map, I am gld I got to play it, but I regret blowing money on it...)

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You could also go into games and tell the others to stay out of the way while you do the easter eggs. I've done that before on CotD. I just had one guy catch the vodka bottle and did the rest on my own. Like I said it just has to do with finding the right people and getting lucky. For Shangri-La you only need some cooperation. Go in with you and your friend, and all they have to do is activate the eclipse. Tell them to stay out of the way for the rest of it.

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I cant help but think that the people we were with may have just been messing with us. I mean, if 2 people who have never done it before can get it done as quick as we did, it shoulda been even quicker for them, even if they had to tell us what to do. I just looked up a small guide online, took down some key words, and guided my friend with super-easy instructions like "Watch this dial until its 2" or "just stand here for a second and wait" lol.

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