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Will we get the maps from black ops and waw in the next game

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Guest Ehjookayted

We'll get them, but we'll have to pay. It's all about the money. Actually, the hardened edition will probably have a bunch of maps. It's around $80 usually. You get the game in a steel case, with downloadable content or something.

It would be great if we could transfer over a map pack of our choice. Another idea is that we get the classic maps immediately, and then we can transfer over one map of our choice, with the others costing $3 each. If you got the hardened or prestige edition, you'd get all the maps, or if you pre-ordered the game, you'd get another map for free. There are a lot of things they could do, but most likely, they'll just siphon money out of the population.

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Guest i am richtofen

The thing i am wondering is if we do get the Black Ops maps will they do the same thing as the World at War maps and put Dempsey, Nickolai, Takeo and Richtofen (or Sam) on all the maps as the playable characters replacing the actors and the FIVE crew. Because if they do then that would mean on Call of the dead we play as Dempsey, Nickolai, Takeo and Richtofen (or Sam) and free Dempsey, Nickolai, Takeo and Richtofen as Dempsey, Nickolai, Takeo and Richtofen (or should i say Samtofen). Paradox much ?

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Guest Blamco177


This will be the most likely outcome.

We might get another Rezzerection type map pack. Including 4-5 maps, which are claimed to be fan favorites.

As for the cost, it's obvious. If we had to pay for Rezzerection, why wouldn't we have to pay for the (possible) CoD 9 map pack?

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Guest Newsonce97

They could do something like each new map pack has three multiplayer maps, one new zombies map, and two old zombies map, like one from WaW and one from BO. If not, oh well, I'll just still play Black Ops.

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Guest selectyeti89

I think if they do bring back these maps they need to actually do something new to them and not just make new box weapons. like maybe add some newer perks to these maps.

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Guest Black Wolf

Honestly, I don't think they will. For one thing, the sheer amount of maps we have at this point would make redownloading them cumbersome for many individuals. As of late, the maps have been more storyline driven because of the easter eggs, which have prerequisites to their accomplishment. Thus far, this has operated off achievements (i.e. you must have both CotD and Shangri-La easter eggs completed for Moon's), which could become problematic in re-releases. They would either have to remove the prerequisites, port in or allow double achievements, or remove the eggs all together. While I was never a big fan of the prerequisite system, it seems like it would be a huge slap in the face to simply remove it after so many people went through the trouble of doing it. Furthermore, the achievements/trophies for the easter egg have become, for many, a huge part of the experience. It seems like we've come to far to be getting re-releases.

On that note, perhaps I'm being overly optimistic, but Rezurrection seemed like a huge zombie experiment to me. It was the first time that zombies was released as core-content rather than a tiny addition to something else; thus, it was the first real indicator of the zombies community. While I don't necessarily believe they're making a zombies only game (though I really wish they would), I think that as it grows, it will warrant being re-released less. Of course, I could be totally wrong... money is money, after all.

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Guest birdman22

I wouldnt be surprised if some were available, but not all i don't imagine.

It would be neat if they included a way to "import" the BO maps much like they did with Rock Band 2 and 3. it was like 800 MS points to import all your songs from the previous game. pretty good deal imo, and that way not only the dlc but also the disc maps would be available.

we can dream anyway :)

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Guest xFaTaLx RaMpAgE

^^ In guitar hero you could do that for free ;). My personal opinion on this is that we will get all the BO maps back but not the WaW ones. I don't see the appeal in having the same map in 3 games, but then again that's what they did on Gears of War with Gridlock and it's still really popular.

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Guest Rissole25

I think we'll get all of them, just maybe not all at the same time. Maybe one old map will be on the disc, say Kino or Der Riese.

I'm just hoping that they won't do store-exclusive pre-order content, like EB pre-orders get Nacht, Kino/Der Riese and Moon; JB pre-orders get Verruckt, "Five" and Call of the Dead; and GAME pre-orders get Shi No Numa, Ascension and Shangri-La. I'm guessing they would release them all eventually to the everyone, but what, it took 9 or so months for Rezurrection to come out? So I'm really hoping they don't do that, and maybe something like Newsonce said, with 3 multiplayer maps, 1 new zombie map and 2 old zombie maps (one from BO, the other WAW).

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Guest right_direct

i would like to see some gesture that peoples who bought hardened edition will get those maps for free

if not nothing happen,i will buy them if they release them.

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Guest DaPikmin

10 Maps? WTF.

10 Maps are quite a lot don't you think? And no way in hell they'll be free. But imagine how much space that'll take up to download 10 Maps. Imagine my download time... Good GAWD.

And I doubt they'll have it on disc. Unless it's a Zombies dedicated game, they won't use that much disc space for it.

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Guest yellow-card8

I really don't like it when people ask us questions that we have no idea about, like if moon was the last map, all we can do is just make unsumptions and stuff, but this is a really good question :)

Regards Yellow-card8

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Guest XxJason LivesxX

My theories:

If we get a stand alone zombie game then most maps will be shipped with it (COTD and Five being the most likely exceptions).

If it returns as a side mode then I think hardened edition will get Blops maps shipped and the rest of the community will get them in later DLC.

The classic maps will be a paid DLC for everybody, but will have more significant updates.

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Guest Cerberus

Probably not the old WaW ones, but I could see them either:

a) selling black ops maps through a rezurrection type map pack

B) putting one old map with each new map pack, probably raising the price a little. <- Doubt they would, but meh.

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