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Yo, Whats up. Recently, while messing around on Ascension, I had to go a long time without Jugg (doing a closed door-free perk thing) and I finally do get it on round 20, but after this game I started to play other levels without Jugg to see how well I could do. I do pretty good. I can go round 20-25, but its not really EASY. It takes a lot more thinking and reaction, making it a lot harder. Honestly I like how it makes the game a lot shorter, but more intense and hard. Its ideal for people like me who COULD go really far, but dont really have the time. Plus its cool to have another free perk slot from it, and it kinda takes some pressure off. I am starting to get really used to it now too. Theres so many cutbacks I've never had to rely on before. It works good with my room-to-room running strategies. Its fun.

Any thoughts on going in without Jugg? Its actually really easy on Moon.

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I am officially doing this a LOT more now. I like not having Jugg. Its intense! Plus I can still get decently far on the maps I have tried it with.

Ascension, Call of the Dead, and Moon are pretty easy without Jugg.

Dogs made Der Riese pretty difficult.

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