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wii sound file cracked

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ok first,http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=18334&hilit=+wii

so,i've researched and researched this portion of the story

and this is what i've come up with


the great leap forward lasted threw the late 50's to mid 60's and was considered the worst economical plunge of comunist china,mao zedong lead this leap by trying to focus on steel production and in the process burned down the nantan meteorites


just a little information on the nantan meteorites

they fell in 1516 and were not dug up until 1958-59 during the great leap forward

they were said to have magical healing powers and gave special abillities


so mao zedong lead the great leap forward,and as more steel is needed,more objects are burned

it is said that farmers even burned nantan meteors which were said to have "magic healing powers"

fitting in with what mao said

mao believed that workers power held a magical force

i belive the nantan meteors are 115 meteors,and i belive the nantan meteors possibly started the accention outbreak

heres why

the russians number crunching was very off and history says its just bad math,but the favored conspiracy is that russia was getting help from an unsourced country to fund there steel

and from the great leap forward we can see china had plenty of steel and was in need of money



now we see a man going threw a box,mabey he got hold of the nantan meteors,considering there's boxes from almost every commie country

so 1.russia gets 115 nantan steel

2.russia uses 115 steel to make rocket

3.zombies begin to rise


the nantan meteorites fell in Lihu-Yaochia area,could this be were shi no numa is,could the nantan meteorite be the one in shi no numa

the japan goverment takes a small part of the meteor and gives it to russia

i mean it can't be to hard to belive


But this might be how the pentagon thief came to be! If you look at the FIVE/NDT loading screen, there is that one caption of someone looking at the chinese box stacked ontop of the russian box (with other communist country boxes behind him). I've had the belief that the scientist in the ascension loading screen, is the same guy in the Five/NDT loading screen, and he is the pentagon thief. Maybe he got an overdose of 115 from the Natan Steel?

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Guest MixMasterNut

It's interesting to note the Wii Kino audio said 'the workers' power held a magical force'. This is interesting because typically in a Communist regime, beliefs in magic or religion are forbidden. So there was an exception to the rule made here.

Here's a couple images of Nantan meteorites. Look pretty cool, huh



Seems like every meteorite in the game is a 115 meteorite.

Just for reference, here's the giant 115 meteor from Shi No Numa


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Guest killallzombies

Well, since the newer build Dolphin arrived, I have been busy with the new function of scanning what inside a Wii disc image.

Many interesting items found, not many is readable, or should I say unidentified? Well, Here, I would like to let people know some intel as well as trying to ask if anyone may find a way to crack them.

Few extension is known and readable (only one to me). here is a list of extension that I have found and read:

.brstm - sound and music files - how to convert it: http://forums.dolphin-emulator.com/thread-6886.html

.thp - Video files - There is a 'THP Player' arround, try google it [but it doesn't work well for me (I'm in Windows 7, will it be a problem?)].

Here are extension that may catch your eyes, pretty interesting to me though:

.arc (unknown) most likely image, many found in /Menu folder.

.hvt (99% suspicious as image) here what I trying to talk, we might unlock into limitless of CG.

Least interesting:

.scc .nod .pnt .edg .rtex .hvb

Known extension and not likely to be touched:

.dat .bin .brsar

hard to read? YOUR TELLING THE WRONG GUY,its as hard as hell to read anything on the wii terminal,its just one big blob of white-ish chalk


.arc possibly contains the usernames/passwords to DoD server and der riese server

.hvt whats CG

.brstm does what snd does,but it also does video?

.thp again video?

have you found any files,and [brains] to you and salad fingers

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Guest Zombieofthedead

The irony of this is that I just learned about the Great Leap Forward and everything. With those "healing powers" I think of Shangri La, so is that what this is pointing to? Either way, good find, my friend, and heres some [brains] .

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Guest Arussianmonkey

I think it was Treyarchs intention to make a huge breakthrough hidden with a wii player nessicary to crack it. Now im on the hunt for the biggest T.V. out there so I can figure out the codes mentioned.

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