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Zombie Spawn Behavior / Speed Thoughts

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I'm studying the zombie spawn behavior for a long time now, and let's do some theory.

Spawn points activate, when you are in a certain radius. And zombies will always distribute uniformely random to all activated spawn points. A Spawn Point can let a felt unlimited amount of zombies spawn at the same time.

Just think of the overlapping zombies that spawn at the same time&spot off the ground.

I'm still claiming that and don't have proof, but it looks correct.

That's actually all you need to now. But what is now important for speed? Imho, two things:

1) Small circles are faster!

Also small circles in big areas work. Because once a zombie reached you, with a small circle, he will be so super fast inside that compact mass (=train) of zombies, that is proper to shoot with whatever.

On the other hand, a big circle means, that the zombie needs to spend 10 seconds to reach the zombie train. He might even turn around at some point, because he is heading straight to you and there is an obstacle in his way.

Hard to illustrate, but in the small circle, the zomb runs straight to you and will be just ready to be killed. In the big circle, the zombie will do like a curve, leading to a longer path that the zombie walks, so to a longer time, until the zombie is ready.


2) Minimize the longest 'Circle Spot' - 'Spawn Point' distance

That's the key for speed.

Slow Example: PHD Area in Ascension activates also the spawn point close the turret there. This zombie needs, let's say 10 seconds till he is at you.

Slow Example: Moon, Dome. For some reason, freaky far spawn points get activated. Have you noticed that you often wait at the end of the round, till the last zombie reaches you? I'm pretty sure it's cause he spawns whereever. When I circle in coop at Tunnel 11, I often see zombies running towards Dome/Mule Kick. That kinda proves me, that Dome/Mule Kick activates these (far) spawn points in Power / Tunnels / maybe even receiving area. Making especially the dome (Mule Kick not so much), to the slowest area i've ever seen. 2-3min till you have a max train (notice the kills, often you get only 20 when you think you get 24, cause 4 zombies are somewhere out of accaptable range)

Fast Example: Hmm, e.g. Tunnel 11 Moon. I think no other spawn points outside the tunnel are active. Max train within few seconds.

Slow and fast example: Ever played Round 1 in NDU, and compared it to Round 1 in another map?

Here is the illustration:


So that is my point of view, and I'm still investigating it a bit. This just got actual in the NML thread, and all the Round 100 Races and stuff, so I thought I write it here. I hope you can give your inputs here.

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Guest piepwns

Interesting... Very interesting... and most helpful. Are you going to make a youtube video demonstrating this? It's been a while since you've uploaded anything to youtube.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

True, it is alot of reading for people who dont like to read, so make a youtube video explaining it hahaha it is a tad confusing for me....

Good job though.......I wil lthink through it.

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Guest Superhands

Speed runs are becoming increasingly opular at the moment - all of the maps have been out for a while, people still want to reach the high rounds but they don't wanna do it doing the same old easy-but-slow strategy, they want the game to be fast and furious for added entertainment and quick results.

Very well thought out guide here, potential speed-run areas should definately be studied to see what spawn point is the furthest away from the player to ensure the zombies will always reach you very quickly. Keeping certain doors closed in certain areas can eliminate comparitively far-away spawn points, as illustrated in the second diagram.

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