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How do you deal with greedy box spenders?

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How do you deal with greedy mystery box spenders?

How i deal with them is when i get the Thunder gun (on kino) I'll use my mp40 for as long as i can without revealing to the team that i have the thunder gun with me so they can waste their money on the box trying to get it while i get more points for myself, and i don't buy the box till a fire sell comes up normally (cause for some reason it's alot more easy to get the thunder gun, ray gun, and monkeys to me)

On der riese kinda the same thing expect i just do it normally (Not trying to do it but the way i play der riese it happens) because i'm doing my solo/semi co-op/co-op (not sure if it would work with the entire team doing my strategy and reason for semi co-op is cause of the mystery box bringing my team to my location) strategy. So they won't even see the wunderwaffe anyways unless i shoot it for a reason. long as i have thompson, jug and bettys i'm good till round 12 anyways with using the box once.

What do you guys do when you have greedy box spenders? I'm just wondering how other people deal with them.

(i would make a poll but that would be pointless cause of the many ways you guys could do this)

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Guest Nathan169

There is ways to deal with box spenders.

1. If you really mean want to get them downed to learn a lesson. Make a train of zombies and go very near to the player (s) while they are at the box. Zombies will get them stuck and downed.

2. Just keep playing like its Solo.

3. Buy on wall guns often, I always do this until i got a ray gun on the first try on the box.

4. Sometimes you can throw a grenade at them, they get downed. I always do that when they keep using the box.

5. Ditch them, go kill all zombies. Also kill the crawler. They will get pissed and get off the box.

I hope this will help you. ;)

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Guest yellow-card8

I kind of depends on the situation, as long as I get to get some guns first for the box and he doesn't disturb me, and if I ask him if I can use it a couple times and he's fine with it, then I don't mind, but if doesn't let anybody use it, is a complete dick about it, always goes to the box even someone or me has a train then ...... time to troll :twisted:

Regards Yellow-card8

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Guest Superhands

If you just showed them that you got the wonder weapon from the box, wouldn't that stop them from keep spamming the box? Problem solved ;)

If they wanna piss away all of their points on the box then that's their choice, as long as we get the necessary doors and PaP open first then it doesn't affect me. If they spend all of their points instead of opening doors then fine - the box will soon move to another area and they'll want to open the door to get to that area. If I realise that I'm playing with players like this, even though I have the most points normally I'll always refuse to open a door 'cuz I opened the last one' or something like that.

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Guest YourDragon son

If you just showed them that you got the wonder weapon from the box, wouldn't that stop them from keep spamming the box? Problem solved ;)

Lol if i get the wonder weapon (not ray gun) than i don't need the box at all after that. So i let them spam the box for a weapon they can never get unless i die without them knowing that i already have it;D.

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Guest way2g00

It doesn't bother me, I usually keep the game going and kill the crawlers if it takes past 1-2 minutes. After all they have to deal with no money to buy jug and I'll be the one laughing and making money off revives ;)

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Guest Nathan169

5. Ditch them,gokill all zombies. Also kill the crawler. They will get pissed and get off the box. ;)

you said my name


I didnt realize it until you said it. its convincing. when i say it! :D

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Guest DEFCON 1

Take all their kills while their busy using the box, chances are if their still using the box they don't have a good weapon yet. And if they died the previous round and just respawned near the box when there's a decent wall weapon near them I get to the box before them, buy it, and run away. Then they have two choices.

1: Die while waiting for there turn at the box. :twisted:

2:Buy the wall weapon and survive.

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Guest bobzombie

To be honest, I'd rather let someone else get the wunder weapons. Example: So I'm playing Der riese with randoms that have a lower high round than I do, so naturally im gonna question if they actually got to that high round by contributing, or was the guy that needed to get revived many times. So im gonna buy the M1A1 carbine then Thompson so i can guage their skill. Right now im gonna determine their skills by two things. 1. If they get the juggs before box they know wats up(maybe but usualy can get to the late 20's) 2. If there spamming the box(either they want an AR or WW) and if someone uses it until they get any AR and quits for a few rounds im gonna trust them and distance myself from them. If they keep going for the WW they either need it to play(Noob but i dnt mean it negatively) or they want it because they know how to use it correctly. If it's Round 11 and they're still spamming the box for monks or whatever i'll simply tell them "Hey it doesn't really matter it's still pretty early on and we need to get doors(If me and the AR or Submachine gunners got them all.) Ok if its around round 17, and i want my dragunov, and they won't give me a pull during last crawler(s) time i'll kill them. Oh and if by the time of round 10 they dont got jugg I lie to them with this classic line with a zombie spin, "Hey dude if you want the wunder weapon there's a trick but it only works if you do it quick." And if they're like what is it i say trying to hold my laugh "Ok, Hit pause and then Up A(or x) Up A." This will take em out but i only do it if i know they're not the host. What im saying is i don't really care if they're a noob who needs the best gun, Or a guy who spams the box for the WW because they get a full train and some of the other teamates(although sometimes it will tick me off depending on my mood) but if they don't have the jugg and they interfere with me attempting to get my sniper rifle(I take turns so don't call me a hypocrit) I will try to make them "Accidently quit" or i will try to run them over with a train. Ohh by the way the Der riese scenario was all theoretical, but thats kind of my philosphy on trying to figure out how good a player is without looking at there leaderboards(Even though the "rounds leaderboards" may be innacurate in some cases, Checking the leadeboards for points and kills seems like a pretty legit way and I don't see how someone can cheat to get this up. Long story short "I don't mind, Just get the jugg before box and take turns not with just me, but everyone else and don't trade the most valuable Ar or SMG you got until you get what you can work with.

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Guest Azrael1030

I just let them. I don't usually use the box 'til round 15 at the earliest anyway, so it doesn't affect me.

Yeah, same for me. I do not hit the box for awhile. When I do later I usually have $ while they do not have much. As long as no one kills the last crawler too early (yes, and I do not understand the school that supports this idea) then I have all the time I need. I hit it to get specific weaponry. And I love when they hit the box early and I get to slaughter all the ones I can find. :lol:

I've not played too much Nacht, but it has directly effected games when someone became a box hog. But I don't play it much yet.

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Guest YourDragon son

You know I think I should hit the box only when it's a fire sell on kino cause it's fun using only the mp40 and I'll start upgrading the starting pistol again

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I just let them do it. It's so funny when they get a Ray Gun and go all "Yeah! I'm gonna pwn all the Zombies!". Because when they get downed they blame it on you for not protecting them.

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Guest TroubledTurkey

Well I have no real way to deal with them, but I do try to anger them sometimes. If I see a mob of people whoring up the Box, I'll go up, join them, hit the box once, and if its something "Terrible" I'll take it. If its a good gun, I'll let it be. Freaks people out lol. Theres been so so sooooo many times I've just let a ThunderGun go because there were people over-using the box. (plus I dont really like the Thundergun). People just react really negatively if you let something good go, even though its none of their buisiness.

There was one time I was really mad at this dude on Moon for using the Box too much (He hit it like 70 effin times. I used it twice. Both were Teddy Bears.) So I used it after that, got a bad gun. Hacked it. Got a Ray gun. DIDNT take it. DIDNT hack it again. Just let it dissapear. Told the guy I didnt want it. He yelled at me for not hacking it for him. I told him to go F himself and stop hogging the Box. Rage Quit. Kept going with my friend, got pretty far. Got kinda easier without that guy.

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Guest piepwns

Step one: Let them spend all of there points on the box

Step two: Make sure they go down by doing something like leading a train of zombies into them.

Step three: watch them go down over and over because they dot have jug.

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Guest gabbehhh

I actually don't mind it at all. I have a friend whom I always play with and he spams the box A LOT. And like Supremacia, I usually don't hit the box til round 15 at the earliest. By that time, players usually have at least 1 really good weapon after wasting so much on the box :P

so we're all happy (:

When it comes to wonder weapons, i usually don't get them >.<

well, let me rephrase that.

i usually do get them from the box, but I don't keep them.

I'll happily trade a Thundergun for an AUG.

Besides, if my teammates have a wonderweapon, there's more chances of me getting revived if I go down :D

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Guest killallzombies

i don't really like using BO wunderwepons in multiplayer zombies,there's not as many zombies

as long as there's an AUG or MP4D on the wall im fine

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Guest aegisknight

get angry and trying to troll box spammers will get you nowhere.

When I get into a game, the main concern is opening up doors to Juggernog first. Box spammers will generally not cooperate in this task, since they are opening towards the box (especially annoying in Kino if the box is before the theatre, or Call of the Dead when it is somewhere around the lighthouse).

You will end up having to open doors yourself. No way around that. You probably also won't get a wunderweapon, since they will have had many more chances than you. What it comes down to is simply trying to be a good teammate and a great zombies player. If you troll them, they will quit, ruining the game.

I've played with several box spammers that turn into great teammates past round 15, they don't spam the box because they're being dicks, they just do it because it happens to be part of their playing strategy. More power to 'em if you ask me, I don't need that crap to survive. If they do, then best they get it to keep everyone standing.

What I do is look at round 1-13 as one game, and round 13-? as an entirely different game. If we go down early because teammates are being selfish pricks, then I will simply leave and join a new game hating them forever. If we survive past round 13 (which is easy enough) and they turn into valuable teammates, which does frequently happen, then I am happy to return the favor and join them to the best of my ability.

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Guest Supremacia

well before they patched this, you used to be able to throw grenades in the box and they wouldnt be able to take the weapon..

So THAT'S why I see people throw grenades into the box. Thanks.

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