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Activision announces start of creating Call of Duty 9

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Guest HammerFace

MW3 is Call of duty 8. Cod 4 was MW, 5 was WaW, 6 was MW2, 7 was BO, and 8 is MW3.

thank you, I was under the impression cod 4 and MW werent the same making MW #5

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Well, they have to do something new. The call of duty style is outdated, ideas are gone. MW3 is just MW2.2, many are totally bored out of it. This "interactive movie" thing is disliked by many guys (i mean Black Ops, sorry, 50% play, 50% cutscenes. Just thinking about making a whole mission a cutscene (where you get to kennedy)... Super boring crap imho)

It needs something new. Why seems to be in there Blizzard, no idea, but don't forget they have awesome ideas (Diablo II, WOW, Diablo III), all super awesome games, just a different genre.

I'm looking forward for it. And that it will be under Treyarch's lead means also that it will be zombies. It was too successful to dumb the zombie thing. It was so successful, that they will make the zombie thing from super awesome to ultra awesome. Blizz knows about "leveling your char up" and what people like, that's gonna be awesome. I feel it.

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Guest Rissole25

Call of Duty (Sledgehammer games) was to be a new installment of the Call of Duty series and would have been developed by Sledgehammer Games. It would have been of the action/adventure genre and would've been the first CoD third-person game.

In September 2010, Activision realized the community wanted another Modern Warfare game, or another game developed by Infinity Ward. In January 2011, it was confirmed the action-adventure game would be cancelled, or simply put on hold, and instead Sledgehammer Games is currently helping Infinity Ward with the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, while Raven Software works on the multiplayer. Glen Schofield referred to the game as "most likely cancelled" when interviewed in October 2011.

It's possible Blizzard may be doing this for this CoD, since as soon as you hear Blizzard, I automatically think of World of Warcraft. I honestly think if CoD was like WoW, it would be the end of the series, plus how would they be doing zombies?

Than again, they could just be doing a specific mode. Maybe the multiplayer?

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Guest i am richtofen

YAY Treyarch CoD! good campaign with good mutiplayer with epic zombies. the whole Blizzard CoD thingy will probably not come out till like 2013 or 2014. i say this because Blizzard has been known to take there time with developing there games. unlike how other CoD development is done fast due to the fact that a new one comes out every year. hopefully it will be a different type of CoD (like the quote in the post above mine) some thing fresh and new.

but who cares about all that ? ZOMBIES ARE COMING BACK BABY!!!

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