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Der Riese & Nazi UFOs Theory (chalkboard pictures explained)

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This was written by Shri046 awhile ago and needs to be reposted.

All the text/images/description below is only my understanding of the easter-eggs at Der Riese. Whether to be believed or not is up to you and the ideas are open for suggestions. Some of the parts have been taken directly from the sources as quotes. All sources and references are mentioned at the bottom of the thread. All links are fonts appearing in red.

So all of this research started with me trying to make sense of the figures and circuit diagrams on the boards. It wasn't easy to find but once I found a small piece of info, everything else pretty much fell in place very easily. I haven't been able to make entire sense of the findings in the sources as it was a lot to read (trust me you might wanna get some popcorn and soda before you start digging into those links) and digest. Most of it was very technical but I was able to understand it to a certain extent. Here comes the hard part ..... trying to put all of that in my own words to convey my ideas. So here goes ....


From all the findings (current and previous) I can say with some certainty that Der Riese (DR) was originally meant for Nazi UFO experiments. One of the clear evidences for this is the "Flytrap" seen on the map. All info points towards the "Flytrap" being used to experiment "The Bell". When I found what the drawings on the boards were for, it made even more sense. For now however, just forget about zombies, Maxis, Edward and anything that has to do with the storyline. Let's save that for later.

So coming back to the Nazi UFO experiments ..... let's not call them UFO for this discussion. A more appropriate term would be "Anti-Gravity Devices" (or AGD in short). My theory starts with how AGDs work and how they are constructed. How they are actually constructed is not really important but it does help explain how different devices were possibly put together to make them.

Starting with "The Bell" .... I'm pretty sure most of you already know what it is and have read up on it. The Wiki says that amount of electricity needed to power "The Bell" itself was huge. When you think of "The Bell" in terms of an anti-gravity device, would it make sense to have a device that would need a large amount of electricity? Common sense says no. After all an ideal AGD would be self-powered (power that could be sustained infinitely) with almost no external power input. Based on that theory, you would require a device that was capable of generating electricity literally out of thin air.

And so begins the explanation of the various drawings on the board.

* The Tesla coil:

Here's a side by side comparison of the actual Tesla coil circuit with the one on the board


Here is a small summary of how the Tesla coil works -

A Tesla Coil is a pulsed air-core resonant transformer capable of creating enormous voltages and huge discharges. It achieves its high voltages through resonant rise as opposed to merely primary/secondary turns ratio as in conventional transformers. Tesla eventually evolved his design into a three coil "magnifying transmitter" which he hoped to use to transmit power and information throughout the world without wires.

Many believe that the Tesla coil was the basis of many to come "free-energy" devices. It laid down the ground work for similar inventions. Something similar was achieved by Hans Coler.

* Hans Coler - The "Magnetstromapparat":

Here's a comparison of the Magnetstromapparat with the one on the board


Here is a small summary of how the Magnetstromapparat works -

This device consists of six permanent magnets wound in a special way so that the circuit includes the magnet itself as well as the winding. These six magnet-coils are arranged in a hexagon and connected as shown in the diagram, in a circuit which includes two small condensers, a switch, and a pair of solenoidal coils, one sliding inside the other. To bring the device into operation, the switch is left open, the magnets are moved slightly apart, and the sliding coil set into various positions, with a wait of several minutes between adjustments. The magnets are then separated still further, and the coils moved again. This process is repeated until at a critical separation of the magnets an indication appears on the voltmeter. The switch is now closed, and the procedure continued more slowly. The tension then builds up gradually to a maximum, and should then remain indefinitely. The greatest tension obtained was stated to be 12 volts.

From what I've read about this device, it is no hoax. Scientists have been able to prove that it actually works. So you could consider this is a first "working" free-energy device prototype. Even though working, the energy generated from this device is comparably small. Probably not enough to get an AGD working. And that leads us right into the next device - The Karl Schappeller Device.

* The Karl Schappeller Device:

PS: You will have to scroll almost towards the bottom of that link to see the details about this device.

Here's a comparison of the The Karl Schappeller Device with the one on the board


Now some of you may not agree that those two look the same or even similar but I believe they do. And what I will be posting after this should probably confirm this. Now there is a huge explanation on the main link about this device so I am not going to post a lot of information on it. But if you get a chance do read up on it.

The Schappeller device is a Tesla device. In fact they say Tesla could be considered the father of the Schappeller device. The Scappeller device is a hollow metal sphere which is dipolar, a pole at each end. It is hooked up to a battery and functions as half an rotor-stator system. Internally, some of it is filled with an electret, a fluid which in this case conducts magnetism, not electricity. Energy enters at both poles and is both positive and negative, each entering from their respective poles. The Schappeller device functions also as a radio transmitter (if I understand correctly) and emits radio waves at its poles. In the center, where they meet a standing wave is produced (also called a scalar wave) which compresses the incoming energy resulting in a type of atomic fusion in which positive and negative aether combine under compression to form hydrogen. This incoming aether at either end takes the form of a toroidal vortex on both ends. The energy of the plasma is somehow converted into electrical energy which runs the machine. Other recieving spheres, up to six or eight, are positioned around the first sphere and form a power producing unit. This device, by itself and unconnected to any sort of electric circuit, can produce magnetism of a thousand times greater than known during the early 20th Century.

Whats interesting in that explanation is the mention of "Aether". There is already a thread that mentions about "Return through aeather" and all of this could fit in well with it. I read up the "Aether" section on the same page above but it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Still posting snippets of it so if any you get a better understanding ..... it may help look into other clues. It does however explain to a certain extent how AGD designs work.

Using this perspective, that all energy is radiation, the braking of aether radiation, that is the slowing down or stopping of this radiation, can cause a transfer to other forms of energy. The word "energy" means the entire electromagnetic spectrum. That includes, electric, magnetic and electrostatic fields. This means heat. This also means gravity. Again, gravity is the primary radiation of the aether field. It radiates from every point in the universe equally.

This concept seems ridiculous until it is given some thought. One might ask: "How can gravity be a push when we know better?" After all, things fall to earth, don't they? The answer is that the effects which we feel and call "gravity" are due to aether shielding. Aether radiation can be braked, that is slowed down and absorbed by mass. It is then re-radiated or converted into mass. It is re-emitted as slower aether radiation or even as heat. Some of it can, and is, converted into mass inside a planet. If there is a loss of aether radiation, then there is shielding. Thus, a planet would shield from this radiation in one direction. That direction is always toward its centre which is the direction of greatest mass and that is what we describe as "down". This is simply the area which contains the maximum amount of shielding. In all other directions the aether radiation continues to exert its push on us. The area of minimum shielding is directly opposite the area of maximum shielding, so things fall (or more correctly are accelerated or "pushed") towards the earth.

Think about this for a minute. Being in deep space is rather like being underwater. Underwater, the pressure at all points is so similar that we feel weightless. We are weightless in deep space because the aether field exerts a push on us from all directions equally. In space, the nearer one gets to a large body the stronger the push is from the opposite direction since the body shields or converts the aether radiation. The result of this thinking is a mechanism totally different from "gravity" as we know it but appearing as exactly the same observed phenomena.

If you are really confused at this point just continue reading. The paragraph below is what ties it all together. Once you've read it, all of the above will start making more sense.

* Vril-1 saucer:

PS: The link for this is the same as the one for Schappeller device. You will need to look up the info for Vril-1 on that page.

Here's a comparison of the Vril-1 saucer with the one on the board


So this is the most interesting part of this entire thread (at least for me). It sums up the entire AGD (or as we orignally called it "UFO") theory. Here's the theory for how the "Vril-1" saucer worked (possibly ... couldn't find a proof if this actually existed or that it worked)

Perhaps there is another example which is more germane to our discussion. It is the diagram of the Vril power plant. (This engine diagram is used here as an example for discussion and is not a blind endorsement of the diagram's existence or accuracy.) In this interpretation of this diagram, we are really dealing with two separate devices. First, is the central spherical device which may be a refined version of the Schappeller sphere. An initial charge would be imputed into the sphere to start it after which the unit would continue to gather up the surrounding energy. This is a Reverse Thermodynamic machine. The sphere generates a magnetic field which could be offset by rotating the Schappeller device. The offset field would feed and so rotate the arms of the electric generator surrounding the sphere. The electric generator would gather electric energy, feeding the four large broadcasting fixtures on the walls of the saucer. These fixtures might be, for instance, Tesla pancake coils. The electric generator is an example of a machine complying with the Second Thermodynamic Law.

Both components of the power plant are bonded together in a single system since the output energy of the broadcasting fixtures on the walls of the saucer constitute additional input energy for the sphere. The two components attract one another and use and depend upon one another as they circulate and recirculate energy. As the energy level of one component increases so does the energy level of the other. Indeed, the biggest problem facing the use of such an engine may be getting some means of stopping it.

The actual levitation might be the particular electromagnetic radiation coming out of the sphere. In this interpretation, the broadcast fixtures are used to steer the saucer.

Reading through the "Aether" part a couple of times, I think I now know to a certain extent what it actually means in terms of AGDs. Aether for all purposes can be considered as a "medium" ... just like air, water, wind etc (not elements but mediums). The gravity theory with aether then becomes a case of "being pushed" rather than "being pulled".

Confused? Well let's consider earth for example. Aether radiation can be braked, that is slowed down and absorbed by mass. It is then re-radiated or converted into mass. It is re-emitted as slower aether radiation or even as heat. Some of it can, and is, converted into mass inside the earth. If there is a loss of aether radiation, then there is shielding. Thus earth would shield from this radiation in one direction. That direction is always toward its centre which is the direction of greatest mass and that is what we describe as "down". This is simply the area which contains the maximum amount of shielding. In all other directions the aether radiation continues to exert its push on us. The area of minimum shielding is directly opposite the area of maximum shielding, so things fall (or more correctly are accelerated or "pushed") towards the earth.

So basically considering aether as medium it would mean some sort of energy. For all purposes it can be considered as electromagnetic energy. If we can successfully create an energy that would counter the aether (meaning absorb the aether and just re-emit it in some other form), then that object is free from the effect of "gravity". In other words, to make an AGD work, all we need to do is generate an electromagnetic enegry that counter acts with the aether, because if the device is capable of "sheilding" (basically absorbing energy), it is free from effects of gravity.

So here's my final summation about all of this theory. The Virl-1 saucer was probably the design the Nazi's were trying to work on. To get it to work they had to go through the bottom up approach to try and power up the saucer. They looked into the Tesla coil and the Magnetstromapparat designs as the beginning point for free-energy devices because they planned to use the Schappeller device for the saucer but couldn't get it working at first. This may also explain some of the writing "Why is this not working?" that shows up on the board. They may have actually figured out the minute details to get the saucer working after all. Or at least they though they might have. The words "the project will move into full production tomorrow" that appear on the board seems to hint towards that. Either that or they just wanted to go ahead with it regardless of the fact that they hadn't tested it well enough.

And that pretty much concludes what I've been able to find so far. How all of this fits into the storyline? I'll just throw that open for discussion ..... I have written way to much anyways so I may update this later to add my thoughts.




http://discaircraft.greyfalcon.us/Coler ... pparat.htm

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_coil ... a.22_coils



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Guest Duckcall00

Fun Fact: In PC code the Wunderwaffe is called the tesla_gun_zm.txt

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Guest TFG Dubz

wasnt the VRIL spaceship on the der riese boards the VRIL-7 and not VRIL-1?

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Guest Atrophical

Good theory, I am guessing the tesla coil was used in the Wunderwaffe DG (Die Glock) 2.

While not an antigravity device, it does have appear to use the tesla coil, enormous voltage to shock zombies. The Thundergun I thought was more like Die Glock, it threw zombies back from compressed air, but I thought it could have been a form of an anti gravity device

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Guest ZombieCrapocalypse

Excellent research, and a good point.

It's already been established that the VR11 is 1337 for Vril, but anyone else notice that the Vril-1 saucer drawing, as shown in the diagram, looks moderately like the front of the VR11?


Although I couldn't get a picture of the barrel of the gun, it appears as if it has two antennae on the sides while the main apparatus of the barrel is a claw like structure in the center. The gun's design might moderately be based off of the saucer.

That probably had no purpose, but I just wanted to get it out there.

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Guest pidgeon-chest

Nice theory, looks like you put a lot of effort in to it however I have to disagree about 'the bell' being an aircraft. I read something elsewhere about how der riese was based on a rumoured top secret nazi facility (also called der riese) where it is said that a group of nazi scientist worked on adevice called die glock (the bell) which I believe are the teleporters. That's not to say that they didn't design/test/create AGD's there as you can't argue with what's on the chalkboards!

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Guest K1llsteelr

I dont think thats a Schappeller Device device its a Van der Graff generator if you look at the genarator next the the teleporter on dr and kino it has gears and a belt also a vg is used in syncrotons

Also im pretty sure the triberk is actually the tele pad

The magnets are the outside ring of the pad if you look it is split in 2 parts the blue blocks within look like electons cycling

The pattern it displays is the same as when a electron bounces


The diagram with the + - represents neutrons being deflected from electons and the nuculi

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Guest FatedTitan

If this is correct, then "Return Through Aether" has an entirely different meaning. It could mean, if you want to return to the earth from flying, you have to let aether take its hold and push you down to the ground.

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