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Was Peter a Playable Character in W@W Verruckt?

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I brought this up a while ago in a topic about 'don't get excited dempsey' but no one really took interest.

But I distinctly remember in W@W Verruckt, sometimes when I was down and being revived, the other character would say "GET UP, PETER!" or "WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS, PETER!"

I'm not exactly sure which color character it was, maybe the blue or green on the bottom of the points counter.

But it seems odd that everyone was fixated on the hanging man in snn but showed no interest in seeing how he looked ALIVE in Verruckt.

But first off, would anyone be willing to check the W@W Verruckt Sound Files just to get some confirmation? Then we could actually get down to seeing if his character model looked any different.

(and yes, i searched, although i couldn't locate the search button, so i used google to search CoDz to avoid a repeat topic. so yes, i went out of my way to search)

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Guest SkylinexBleedsxRed

I would be interested in finding this out as well. I haven't heard anyone mention this before, But I haven't played Verruckt that often. If Peter is a character in Verruckt, Then it could take a turn on him being the hanging man in Shi No Numa.

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Guest darkjolteon

I heard something similar too, just never really noticed it until you brought it up... Perhaps he was in Verruckt? If he was it would tell us a lot about this seemingly unknown character... Good find.

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Guest play2often

Well I only heard it twice, actually, both in the same game (damn you narrow hallways of verruckt!!). It was a full 4 player lobby. I never EVER heard any Peter quote with 3 players or less.

But of course we couldn't find out in Black Ops Verruckt, seeing as the crew from 'Numa is there now.

That's why I really hope someonw on pc has the World At War Verruckt sound files still on their pc.

I really am shocked no one heard/looked into this.

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Guest play2often

no verruckt was the first time in CoD your character had a voice. the anonymous marines (aside from Dempsey, and perhaps Peter) definitely spoke, saying stuff like 'no power' and 'get out of my face!'.

they DID speak.

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Guest Vallkure

I'll play a couple rounds on WaW to see if I can find something out. I remember that they had a few names for each other, but only one or two names were referenced, but they did talk. I'll see if I can get a full lobby.

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Guest Psych0kill3r

I really wanna figure this out......and i have it on PC.......*sigh* time to go blindly searching! :D


I have found the sound files and im going through them, so far i've found and listened to all of the First Marine's Voice Clips, When he gets the ray gun i he says "This thing better PACK A PUNCH" like he's indicating something ;]


Sorry guys, i just went through MOST but not all of the Vurruct Voice Over Files, and not once do they mention peter.......=[ The ones i skipped are like the "Low Ammo" and "MG/Shotgun/Sniper/Flamethrower" ones but all the revives and etc dont have ANY mention of peter =/

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Guest Johnny Reklaw

If peter was at one time a playable character, this could explain the blank picture in Kino Der Toten.....

Follow my argument here.

Lets assume the following:

1) Peter was playable in Verruckt

2) Peter was the body in SNN

So now his picture is blank in Kino, why? Because he's dead. The pictures are Samantha's targets. As someone stated, there were more images that were blank. Perhaps Samantha is getting her revenge, and Richtofen is the one she wants most (thus why his picture is largest) but Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo are not far behind.....

Never played WAW...or any of the maps, so sorry if I am way off from evidence placed elsewhere on WAW.

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Guest ChrisMathers

Huh. I never thought of that.

Oh! Hey! One thing I DID notice though: there's this guy on these boards who recorded all the quotes from Der Reise, Kino Der Toten and Five. He posted them on youtube. Here's the link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cjdog23#g/u

One of Richtofen's quotes, don't remember if it was from Der Reise or Kino, references fooling the zombies "like we tricked Peter."

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Guest kh2rules

Your speculations are all great but unfortunately I highly doubt that Peter was a playable character in Verrücktainly becaus of two things:

1.) Peter was killed by Edward Richtoften after peter discovered that Richtoften was an Illuminate

2.) Samantha never knew Peter until Richtoften found him in Shi No Numa and hanged him, but placed the parachute near him to make it look like an accident the blank picture is probably of her father Ludwig Maxis.

Sorry to rain on your speculation but there has been a shown storyline and the radio messages to Peter when you knife them in the game are probably those of Dempsey or someone else trying to find Peter because when Peter heads to Shi No Numa Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo arrive at Der Reise.

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Guest Shoreyo

They hadn't designed the characters yet, although the plot outline had been concieved before the game was released they only started it in the first dlc; verruckt, then they still only added the characters at SNN, hence why the first mention of the 4, and also of peter, is at SNN.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

I hate to be a Debbie-Downer here but it's not Peter.

Richtofen talks about how the Marine Recon team went in to save Dempsey and were killed, and that he suspects Peter and Yena are spies too. Since he recognizes them both separately, I think it's rather safe to assume he wasn't.

The terminal document signed by Pernell also backs this because it is about the Marine team going in to get them.

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