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Black Hand Smith

Zombie Variants ( Unreleased Concepts from old forum)

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Note: These concepts were originally part of a zombie’s map storyline called the Alpha and omega cycle. The basic concept was that we begin with the end and then make our way backwards over a 1000 year cycle in a parallel world where the zombie apocalypse occurred due to the dimensional rift created after the rockets hit earth. In other words, Worlds were colliding. As the maps went on things that were unexplained would be explained as we discover their origins and how the actions done in one map effected one of the previous maps. However I only got a few maps released before the forums broke down and since then I haven’t had the chance to post this. So please enjoy this post full of scrapped ideas and tell me which ones you liked and didn’t like. Who knows, I might consider putting some of these in another post eventually.


zombies - They are blue eyed flesh eaters. In another reality they are controlled by the entity but in this reality they have no master. Their only objective is to consume all that is living. They will exist for 1000 years before they begin to decay. They come in various models depending on the time period. From freshly killed to near decayed.


Pistol zombies - Zombies that reanimated while still holding a pistol. They are slow due to parts of their legs being eaten and they wobble around. Occasionally they will accidentally pull the trigger which will shoot a bullet in a random direction.


Crawlers -Zombies that spawn as crawlers. They have been torn in half and will jump at players when close enough. If they miss they will land upside down and stay immobile for a moment. They will then start moving again.


Immobile Zombies - Zombies that spawn only once each time a game begins. They are zombies that are incapable of moving and can be found slumped against walls. If you get too close to them they will hit you. Once killed they will not spawn anymore for the rest of the game but their bodies will remain where you killed them. They have random spawns


Immobile Zombie variant 2 - Zombies that appear half buried in the ground. Their eyes flicker as the lights begin to fade away. They can barely move since they have finally begun to decay. They cannot harm players now. After 1000 years the undead have finally begun to fade away into memory….. and the people that remain on earth must begin again. To rediscover knowledge they once knew and ...rebuild.


Hospital Zombies - Zombies that were strapped down to their beds before reanimation. Once they did turn, they were unable to get out of their beds and remain there until a player finds them and shoots them in the head. They give 10 points per kill and are not zombies necessary to end the round. Their bodies stay where they are once killed.


Eating Zombies - These zombies appear sometimes when you buy a door. Once the door opens you will see 1 or 2 zombies crouched down and eating a person. They notice you and come after you. These particular zombies do not spawn in any specific round so they do not count as round zombies. They will appear in a freshly bought room.


Zombie soldier variant 1 - A soldier that died in battle and reanimated. This variant has a vest on and can take more bullets before dying.


Zombie soldier variant 2 - Same as variant 1 however this one wears a helmet which negates all headshot damage. They do not take explosive damage either.


Zombie piles - A group of immobile undead that have been stacked into a huge pile. Getting too close to the pile will hurt players. Unlike doors that open automatically when you buy them, Zombie barricades begin to burn when you buy them. You must wait till they burn completely before going into the next room. Meanwhile Massive amounts of fast zombies will come after you


Pheromone zombie - A special zombie that produces 115 pheromones. This attracts more zombies. It spawns alongside regular zombies and does not necessarily attack players. Until this zombie is killed the undead will not stop spawning and the round will not end. Although they are not boss zombies they will appear every 5 rounds. After a while the zombies stop giving you points so kill this boss quickly.


Spec ops zombie - A zombie wearing military attire, it has a bulletproof vest, a headshot proof helmet and has explosive grenades attached around it’s thigh. Getting a direct shot at the grenade is the only way to kill it. Once the grenade is shot at it will explode and kill surrounding zombies.


Cyborg Zombies - Zombies that were captured by a specific nation in the far off future. This nation managed to fend off the zombies for hundreds of years. They attached mind enhancers and brain wave manipulators onto their skulls. These steel plates prevent all damage to specific parts of the Body. The undead were then used for manual labor until yet another leak in the dimensional rift caused the mind enhancers to stop working  To take them down you must shoot them in their exposed areas.  


Cart Zombies - Zombies that have been captured and chained up to a waggon. Their arms are tied and their heads have a helmet on so they can’t bite you. The wagon can hold all 4 players but requires a hunk of meat in order to move. The meat can be found around the map and attached to the hook in front of the zombies. The zombies will attempt to get the meat which results in them pulling the cart around the map.


Hanging zombies - Zombies that were hung upside down by a rope. They appear to be dead but if a player approaches them they spring to life and start swinging toward players. Shooting the rope will free these zombies but killing the zombie will cause it to stay suspended in the air and motionless. these zombies will spawn every round in random locations.  Some hanging bodies are actually dead zombies while others are still alive.


Body Bag zombies - Undead that are unable to escape their body bag after reanimation. They move around inside the bag but are unable to attack players or move in any direction. These zombies are used mostly as a map effect but they can be killed for a free 25 points. They also have a chance of dropping power ups. They do not affect round progression in any way.


Sea weed zombies -Zombies that are completely covered in seaweed. Bullets do very little damage but the seaweed can be removed by knifing the zombie and exposing some flesh.


Persian Monkey - 115 contaminated monkeys that are pure white with blood stains. They spawn inside a palace and will attempt to attack you. You can either kill or capture the monkeys. Killing the monkeys rewards you with a max ammo but capturing monkeys alive allows you to craft a Monkey bomb Deluxe.


Monkey Bomb Deluxe - A monkey bomb made from a live monkey. Set it loose and control it like an RC-XD then detonate to blow up the monkey and surrounding zombies.

Sand drifter - A creature that hides under the sand and can only be seen by a ripple that appears within the sand. Wherever the ripple goes is where the Sand drifter is.

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