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Split Ranking System + Rewards

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So, with the constant discussion of how the ranking system will work with the next game, I have devised a reward system for the next game, where one's rank is split among five separate totals, each contributing to one's personal worth, abilities, and looks. 





Area 1: Badassery: 


Typically this is the KD ratio portion of this system, where one receives a higher rank for kills and a lower rank with downs. Don't worry though, this will be easier to iron-out then before (see "Skill Points") 


There are seven different aspects to depict your emblem: 

No-glow-eyes= Noob

White eyes= beginner

Orange eyes= Average zombie player

Purple eyes= Ok zombie player

Red eyes= Good zombie player

Blue eyes= Great zombie player

Yellow eyes= Zombie master 





Area 2: Knowledge: 


This section tells how much a player knows about maps in general. You gain a higher rank for using traps, building/using buildables, doing easter eggs, accessing more areas of a map, and outsmarting boss zombies. You can lose knowledge by falling for traps, and being downed by boss zombies.


Your knowledge is depicted by your Zombification: 


Bare-bones: Noob,

Bit-o-grime: New guy,

Small line of sludge: Average

Jaw is fully there: Ok player

Full zombified skull with bullet wounds: Smart player

Full zombified skull: Book-worm

Human head: Zombie genius. 




Area 3: Teamwork: 


Tells how well a player works with their team. This is increased by buying things like quick revive, holding onto an upgraded revive-weapon, getting revives in general, shooting in close proximity to others, shooting zombies that have hurt other players. And is reduced by having players being killed by your traps, letting players bleed out, and leaving games, (disconnects don't count as a leave but do count as a death) 



The changing factor being this time, the background: 


Regular orange-red shield: Noob

Spiked O-R shield: Average

Steel barricades: Ok player

Wooden barricades: Good player

Machinery: Great player

Lightning and machinery: Medic- Pro! 




Area 4: Point Accumulation: 


Basically the point whore factor, those who finish games with substantial amounts of points will increase in rank, and those who don't will lose rank. Any points taken from the bank will actually take away from your total at the end of the game.


Effects the color of the skull: (Does not effect zombification) 


Bone- Average: ends games with a mass accumulation of less then 5000 points. 

Stone- Ends games with between 5000 and 10,000 total points. 

Blood bone- Ends games with between 10,000 and 15,000 total points. 

Copper-15,000-30,000 total points

Silver- 30,000-49,999 points

Gold- 50,000-99,999 points

Metal infused Bone- Ends games with 100,000 points or more total. 




Area 5: Pro: 


This is simply the class that is improved for just doing the pro things: Not using OP perms-perks (regular ones are OK), not using the bank (weapon's locker is fine), completing challenges, better accuracy, and regular weapon kills, (WW kills are not counted) 


This effects the slash marks in the upper left hand corner of the emblem: 


1 Slash: No skill 

2 Slash: Minor skill


SO on and so forth until 10 slash: Pro. 







Now one may think this is a bit harsh of a system, and it is. However, one can participate in what are known as challenges to help earn tokens: 



Tokens can be used to unlock things, add money to one's bank, or even reduce the amount of damage on one's different skill levels: 


If placed in the acquired their, one token will:  

1: -Remove 3 downs from your rank, once you have less then 30% of your Kills in deaths it will start adding kill instead. 


2: Increases "EXP" gained  to increase knowledge. (One day only) 


3: Simply increases the amount of players you let die ever so slightly. 


4: Gives you an extra 5000 points after your whole team dies. (one game only)


5: Increases/Decreases a random pro-stat. 






Likewise one can also trade in a token for a random amount, between 5000 and 100 points to be added to their banks. 


AS WELL, there are unlockables too. Each one locked either through DLC or through ranking up 



Each stat unlocks a new bonus with each level: (With zero being Noob level) 



1: Weapons type 1. -Allows for the purchase of weapons to be exchanged in the box (Only allows fair trades: Snipers for snipers, equal shotguns for equal shotguns, ect.) 


2: Perma perks type A. -Allows for the purchase and equipment of 4 perma perks 


3: M1911.5: Is tradable for the starter pistol. ( basically the same weapon with a scope added to both the original and MSAS versions) 


4: Additional info: Adds more info on Samule to the archives. 


5: Perma perks type B. -Allows for the purchase and equipment of 4 different perma perks. 


6: New gun camo- PAP






1: Weapons type 2: Same a WT1 but with different, more futuristic, weapons. 

2: Additional Info: Adds more info on the maps released at launch

3: New gun camo- PAP

4:Additional info: Adds more info on Marelton to the archives. 

5: Perma perks type C. 

6: Ray gun MK2 is available to be swapped with the original, but will appear half as frequently in the box. 



Team work: 

1:Weapons type 3

2: Perma perks type D

3: New weapon: Tomahawk: Shoots like normal tomahawk until upgraded, then it becomes the hell's retriever, upgrade it again for it to become the Hell's Redeemer. Replaces the bowie knife. 

4: Additional info: Adds more infer on Misty to the archives. 

5: New gun camo- PAP



Point accumulation: 

1: Weapons type 4

2: New weapon: Steilihand grenades instead of frags. 

3: Perma perks type E

4: Additional info: Adds more info on Russman to the archives.

5: new weapons camo- PAP

6: Double bank size




(starts on slash 5)


5: Weapons type 5

6: Double jeopardy: Allows double challenges once per week. 

7: New gun camo: PAP

8: Additional info: Adds more info on the history of zombies to the archives. 

9: New perk unlocked from wonder fizz: Vulture's aid (no green mist effect on most maps) 

10: Weapons type 6










Complete different challenges along these lines. Tokens earned from them can pay off "rank debts", or unlock clothing for your survival/grief/turned avatar.


Challenges would be like: 

-Survive to round 10 in the starting room. 

-Survive to round 20 with one perk. 

-Survive to round 20 without power. 

-Refuse a wonder weapon from the box twice in one game.




Three challenges would be submitted a day for the individual player to complete. 









So tell me what you think, and any suggestions you may have!

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