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Past, Present, And Upcoming Storyline Discussion--Facts, Analysis, And Theories

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Okay, I haven't done much on this forum, I know, so my word may not count for much on this site.

BUT. I believe that this may be a credible series of theories. I would like input, and discussion.

My hope is that this thread (at least for the moment) becomes the place to discuss various theories about the storyline, where it is going, and WTF the deal probably was with the Origins ending cutscene.


I have some theories of my own that I am posting here, that I will edit/add to periodically. Everyone is welcome to post their own theories about how things have or might fit together in the past three 'seasons' of zombies. Feel free to add to my theories, correct them, or whatever.


And now...begin.



Fact: Exposure Ununpentium (Element 115) causes reanimation of dead cells.


Result of above Fact: Reanimation of dead cells is ‘imperfect’, and results in partial resurrection of dead bodies. Layman’s Terms—Zombies.

Related Fact: 115 may be used on living subjects, enhancing the subject’s abilities without any known consequences. (Update?)



Fact/Theory: Certain individuals that are reanimated (Layman’s Terms—‘Zombified’) seem to undergo different transformations than generic undead. Some seem to retain their memories and personalities.


Example of above fact: [Siberia Outpost—Codename: Call of the Dead. Subject: George Romero. Stats: Electrical Powers (Appears to be linked to spotlight utilized as a weapon), High Durability. Notes: Appears to have retained memories and personality, as well as a voice (Frequently uses movie references while pursuing survivors), Appears to be unwilling to attack survivors unless provoked (This could mean one of two things: Subject is fighting against urge to act like a generic undead, suggesting only partial zombification—OR—Subject is just toying with survivors, waiting for them to make the first move before attacking.)



Fact: 115 may be utilized as a power source.


Example of above Fact: 115 has been used in devices known as Matter Transferal Devices, also known as Teleporters.


Example of above Fact: 115 has been used in various weapons known as Wunder-Weapons. Examples: Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2.



Fact: The location referred to as ‘The Ether’ is known to be an area where zombies may be controlled/commanded.


[Missing Data]: It is unknown what extent of control a ‘zombie controller’ (working title) has over zombies in general. (i.e. Area of control relative to area of focus)


Layman’s Continuation of above [Missing Data]: It is not known whether a ‘zombie controller’ has complete control over the entire horde at all times in all time periods simultaneously, or if the controller must be focused on a specific time and place on Earth to gain control of the zombies.


Fact [unconfirmed]: The Ether and its inhabitants experience time differently.


Observations based on above Fact [unconfirmed]: It has been observed that controllers can move forward in time relative to observers on Earth (i.e. moving from Codename: Der Riese to Codename: Kino der Toten). Minor backwards travel was observed as well (moving from Codename: Call of the Dead to Codename: Shangri-la).


Related Fact: Either [Subject: Ludvig Maxis] OR [Subject: Edward Rictofen] gained full control of the zombie horde in the period of time after The Second Apocalypse. The Subject became the Zombie Controller.


Theory based on above Observations: Upon gaining control of the horde, and thus gaining the freedom to move though time via the Ether, the victorious Zombie Controller travelled backwards in time to a point where [Subject: Ludvig Maxis] and [Subject: Edward Richtofen] were researching Element 115. The Zombie Controller asserted control over a horde within the excavation site where the research was taking place, and, upon the discovery of the horde by excavators, caused the horde to run rampant through the site, attacking everyone in sight. It is also possible that the Controller discovered and activated three diesel-punk robots that had been previously undiscovered until the Controller came to this time period. The attack resulted in the infection of Ludvig Maxis. Working quickly, Richtofen removed Maxis’ brain before the infection reached it, and preserved the brain with the intention of restoring Maxis to a mobile state.


The above event appears to have changed the course of history, rendering all prior events observed to a non-existent state—referred to here as ‘Status: Forfeit’. If this can assumed as true, then the Zombie Controller has prevented his own rise to power within the Ether, rendering their control of the horde in Codename: Excavation Site 42 to nothing more than an anomaly. The Controller himself would cease to exist, but the event caused would not be affected, given the theory that the Ether exists outside of time. Thus, the timeline of Earth appears to have been re-written. More evidence of this surfaces when it is noted that [Subject: Thomas ‘Tank’ Dempsey], [Subject: Nikolai Belinski], [Subject: Takeo Masaki], and Richtofen were observed to have disappeared within a column of light, that is rumored to be an entrance to Agartha, along with the [Subject: Maxis Drone]. If Richtofen and Maxis disappeared, then his work with Group 935 would never have been done. This would also mean that, with Group 935 seemingly leaderless, unless the world joined together to fight, there would be little standing in the way of the horde’s path across the Earth.

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