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Persistent perk when getting gun from mystery box, lvl 1?


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So i was just playing around with the intention of getting a gun upgraded and sticking it in the fridge for later on tonight. I pulled out some cash and went straight to the mystery box before buying anything else. I shot and killed 1 zombie along the way with the handgun. When i got to the box, i paid for a random and it gave me a type 25.

When i pulled it out, i got the green persistent-perk flash. Never seen this before.. also never tried getting my first gun as a random. Any ideas? Playing around to see if i can find anything different with it now.

I'll upload a video a bit later if this becomes a mystery.

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its a new Perma perk that came out with Buried. You get it when you get "Bad" weapons from the box. A teddy bear should appear above the box. It will increase the chances of you getting a "good" weapon from the box. I have read that it can take from 1-5 bad buys to get it and i haven't seen anything about how you lose it. You must pick the weapon up for it to count as a buy.

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Huh.. neat. Haven't heard anything about that one as i'm stuck waiting for Buried. Good to know.

I found out last night that they are available in Die Rise. I got the double points once a lot (never confirmed cuz I never had an elevator up when I got it) and I got the box one as well. The bear left after sometime and I never was able to test how it works since I only got one buy. Not sure if this is on Tranzit as well or not. I've read that the phd doesn't switch over to the others map. Also there is a sniper perk as well on buried I'm going to test on Die Rise today for ps3

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