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Hey, I'm totally into the Zombie storyline and as soon as Vril was involved I started to think if they take the idea from a novel, there might be some clues or hidden secrets that help us evolve the story and understand it better.

So I decided to read Edward Bulwer-Litton's book Vril: The power of the coming race, and WOW that book is just amazing. One thing I discovered was how Richtofen could decipher the hieroglyphic-like language near the M.P.D, actually in the book, the Vril-Ya would touch the explorer's forehead and send him to a transe-like state, explaining his language, human life etc... And in the same time learning the Vril-Ya's culture, so if Richtofen came in contact with them after being teleported to Shangri-La, they must have reacted to him like they did to the explorer in the book, meaning those weeks Richtofen was missed he learned those "wonders" he refers to in the radio message...

But, Richtofen wasn't the only one knowing about Vril! Maxis too did some research on Vril, who knows what he came in touch with!

So guys, if you have the pacience and time, and if you'd like to understand Vril and the Vril-Ya, read the book.

It helps understanding the story a bit better, and since we make theories and thus, write the storyline, we can evolve this huge story!

Thank you for reading, really I appreciate it and leave a reply telling me what you think and if you would consider reading that book. I'd like honest thoughts about my little theory and again thanks a lot! :)

Here's a link for the book: http://www.menschenkunde.com/pdf/texte/ ... n_Vril.pdf

Thanks to DTyrone for this ;)

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Not bad, not bad at all. It certainly is an interesting book, and it does in fact give a lot of perspective on the matter of the Zombies storyline. Good work my friend, and keep it up.

I see you are relatively new around these parts. Have you posted an introduction? If not then I implore you go and do that now. If you have, then just enjoy yourself :D


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