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Important Announcement on Member Lounge & Community Center

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     So what can we discern from that is the Member Lounge was supposed to be for site related news from the user and for guides about everyone in general. For example, I know that there are a lot of posts in here that are directed towards everyone it seems, but they are directed at everyone involved in our community. Believe it or not, the majority of users on here only come for the zombies. The community is without a doubt one of the best and brightest features of the site, but think it as an extension of that which we hold as our truest roots: zombies. The Member Lounge was intended to create threads for users to be able to easily find out things and navigate the site (as directed by members and users, as opposed to staff).

     So with that being said, we can start to develop a list of what belongs in the Member Lounge. Guides for the user (any user, new, old, uninterested in the community) are 100% acceptable. Other acceptable threads are shown below.

     Right now though: this is the nitty gritty of it all. No posts about birthdays, about post milestones, no speeches, no questions, no games, no deep thoughts. Everything like that is going to be in this new forum (except post milestones and birthdays, more on that later). If anything like that is in here, it will be moved without warning. Everything will be moved to its appropriate place, don't worry.

     What's included in the Community Center?

     In there should go this thread:

     Another thing that the general section is used for is simply for the collection of threads of a user. For example:

     A list of what goes in this section:

    [*:2v1yygzm]The congratulatory and appreciation thread
    [*:2v1yygzm]Collection of users' threads
    [*:2v1yygzm]Deep thoughts that relate to the individual
    [*:2v1yygzm]Stories and questions about/for users
    [*:2v1yygzm]Intense discussions for community members
    [*:2v1yygzm]Community speeches

     The Meme Generator isn't a game but you understand that it's solely for zombie fun, so it should go in here.

    [*:2v1yygzm]Forum games zombie/site-related
    [*:2v1yygzm]Things for fun zombie/site-related
    [*:2v1yygzm]Avatar Workshops

[tab][/tab]With that all being said, I really hope you like what we've done and will now use both sections to their full capabilities. Only at a CoDz, only at a place like this, can we have such a strong community that we are able to create a community center. Thank you all for reading. Now get out there and have some fun!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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