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Modern Warfare Zombies map idea

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Okay so all this seriously just came to me as I typed, but it was great idea I think, and makes sense with what we know now and felt like it needed its own thread :)

Having IW and MW take over zombies, isn't going to happen. And as stated in the past with threads of ideas saying "What if zombies came to MW?" no, that could completely ruin it because Treyarch has always done it best and it's their trademark anyways.

That being said, with COTD being in the mix, that "technically" counts as "Modern zombie" but, not exactly. So the idea has crossed my mind that it probably wouldn't hurt to have another map as such in the next installment as a "Thanks, great series IW!" where the crew again, is sent somewhere in 2013, looking for clues blah blah blah, seeing what they could do to stop Richtofen and be sent to the Gulag. However, say that by mistake when teleporting, an accident occurs, sending waves of 115 surging in some France city of sorts by triggering an ancient mystery that lies beneath? (Paris, is possible, also Paris takes place in MW3)

So, remember those ideas floating about and the EE (literally) with signs pointing to France? They could have a clever way to mixing in the crew searching for the lost catacombs beneath Paris, a misfired accident triggers an incidence, thus releasing the 115 and reanimating the dead.

BUT (lol butt joke) There's more.

At first I hated the idea of having different crews for a zombie map, but it kinda grew on me and I don't mind it so much from time to time. So, what if in this Modern era zombies map, the survivors were our other beloved Price, Soap, Nikolai (modern, Nikolai) and Yuri? I imagine another epic cutscene at the beginning where you've got a convoy head to the Gulag and some chatter going on while Price is lighting up a cigarette and Soap comes over with a concern about the gang they just caught (The Four Guardians

BUT (lol two butts)

Here's the kicker, throughout the gameplay, much like you could alternate between Area 51 and Moon in the latest map, what if you could alternate crews? Shit goes down in the Gulag, and now the Four Guardians are in another same old fight for their lives by zombie inmates (DOA anyone? ) and struggle to push though to the catacombs while Price and Co. All fight on the surface against the terrorizing hordes of fresh undead.

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Huh. No response?

What if I said that they could make this a special map where when playing on Live, it's 8 players. 4 for each crue?

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i think that having IW ideas in zombies(or reverse,whatever)is shit because zombies are uniqe in treyarch games.When i first played black ops i had the feeling that i was in an old war and that's actually what it is.Zombies are actually in old yrs.If IW come in it they will mke it shit! :evil:

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