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Anyone Want To Kill Cosmic Silverback? (PS3)


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Hey, this is about to drive me nuts, I have been trying for like 3-6 hours a day for the past week to kill this damn ape, I have mainly been trying on solo because of course online play is worthless without knowing that the person is actually good. I'm extremely tired of getting in groups and people use their nukes/bolts before zombies even spawn, so I just leave the match when that happens and normally when I play with 2-4 people I dont die until about round 20 less depending on the skill of the other players.

Like I said I have been doing this on solo for a while now and I have made it to Round 40 once, got through that round and halfway through the boss round which as you can imagine greatly pissed me off. So when I went and tried again I guess I was just upset and tired of repeating levels cause I barely got to round 20 lol. Lately I get to about round 36 before I lose completely, the damn dogs take up to 6 lives from me and all my powerups so ya lol, sometimes I only lose 2 lives but others I lose up to 6 so idk this game mode is fun but I think they made it a bit too ridiculous to reach Silverback, esp solo. I just want the accomplishment of defeating him and if there's anyone that is having the same problem or had this problem and wouldn't mind helping I would greatly appreciate it.

I would listen and follow your strategy if you had one you know works, I'm willing to try with 3 or 4 but it's fine with 2 just the same. Also it would be good if you could get to at least round 25-30 solo and have at least made it to round 20+ online lol.

PSN ID is the same as my username.

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Hey just wanted to update this and let anyone that's read this or just now reading it know that I have finally conquered the Silverback and managed to just do it solo got to round 42 it gets pretty crazy from there on lol. So anyways I'm not needing help anymore so if mods or whoever need to delete this to make room that's ok, but before I Go I would like to point out a couple of things I learned along this "hellish journey" that might help fellow Silverback hunters.

(Please bare with me as I'm typing this on my iPhone so it won't be that nice and neat lol)

1. First I was trying with firepower fate because it's easier to make a solid stead stand for about 10-15 seconds rounds 25+ so I liked not needing to move around as much lol probably because I sucked at it. Well I came to realize that furious feet was awesome and it helped me learn the various weaving patterns and to survive longer of course lol.

I made it to round 40 a couple of times and the battle just seemed to take too long for my taste and I never did finish cause I would lose my lives (even when I went in with 3+, again I probably still sucked at it lol) well earlier tonight I figured that I would give firepower another shot and see how I fared and let me tell you that because I spent so much time with furious feet it really helped me learn how to move/make a stand for about 5-10 seconds maybe longer depending on powerups in rounds 32+, kinda like it trained me to use firepower better lol.

2. When I made it to Cosmic Silverback I entered that round with 4 lives no bombs and 1 speed as usual, with my newfound ability to anticipate/look for weaving oppurtunities (even with less speed I still managed ok only dying once during the preround) I was able to take out the ape within 30 seconds! I'll explain in part 3.

3. Now everyone has their own style of playing and when they wanna use their powerups and which one they want granted there's a general rule anyways though this strategy I used to get Silverback down so quickly involved firepower fate so I'm not too sure how it works with other ones seeing as how I already tried to with feet. From all the vids I watched and commentary it rook roughly 2 min to get him down which when I took him in 30 seconds I thought was odd lol. Maybe it was luck idk but here's what I did;

When the cosmic Silverback spawns at waterfall immediately start shooting him (duh) cause you have a few seconds before others come, now what I did was worry about the zombies at first hitting him when I could but he dash/downed me so I said (screw this even if I go down I'm gonna make those multiplier jewels pop out of him with or without a cutscene lol) so as I had my invicibility ring after death on me I just sprayed into him (I'm at about 20 seconds in now) the only powerup I got was electric orbs btw. So as I'm fending off the horde for a sec I notice that the martyrs start coming in and I'm like wtf they're early!? But then it occurred to me maybe the zombies don't stop coming for a long while til you get him out of the way? I mean not indefinitely bc I don't know but that the just stream in for a longer period, so I kill myself and just start charging into Silverback and sure enough he's out for the count, and after that only 10 more zombies showed up I never saw the rainmen ones that I did on my furious feet run so all I could figure is that was the reason for it lol. So from all the videos I saw that said "worry about the horde mainly, idk if you have firepower/3+ lives I think you should just fire into silverback, one being that you can say you killed him and two the "Boss Round" only took me 35 seconds lol whereas my furious feet I was running around firing for almost 4 minutes after being in that same round for almost 6 minutes I think.

In closing: I'm not honestly sure if it's been said and where because I looked a lot but I'm just wanting to give some advice/tips if anyone might be struggling like I was. In my opinion and from my extensive research from people's experiences and views there's no really simple strat because there isn't really one as far as I know, just practice running and weaving and breaking through the line with your weapon to get out of a cramped area if you think you can and if not just use bomb of sprint, make small stands of straight firing if you feel comfortable I don't seem to start having problems doing it for long periods til about round 32. Don't panic!, you might have 1 life after dogs but if you stay calm you could get a few extra lives from points and free lives or a bonus room and or armory ;).

I'm sorry if this was a lot to read I just thought I would say my piece and maybe it could help someone!

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well... u wanna go into the dog round maxxed out.

after that round, start rebuilding with a x3 multiplier or more.

for the monkey.

you can anticipate him dashing towards you, he does a roar.

if 37-40 is ur weak arena, try feet cuz its a big map.

also you should shoot him head on if you jus died and still have the shield. even better wen u pikup rpg or death machine AFTER dying.

if u have atleast 4 lives u can suicide n pikup rpg, time it right tho. this video demonstrates wt i mean


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