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  • Memorandum To All Research Stations

    Date: June 6th, 1945


    Subject: Nacht der Untoten


    Several American aircraft were spotted flying over our Airfield Research Station in Germany two nights ago. Due to the experiments being performed there under the cover of darkness, it seems one of the aircraft malfunctioned and crash-landed near the station. Unfortunately, a convoy of army trucks carrying Element 115 and a garrison of undead was making a routine stop there at the time. The undead were let loose in the chaos, and tragically, reports show no survivors from the station, Group 935 or otherwise. We will mourn the loss of our staff, while also searching for possible solutions to reclaim the station before the Americans return to investigate the crash. If this is not possible, security measures will be taken to ensure materials on-site do not fall into the wrong hands.


    Our operatives near the site believe that by flying overnight, the Americans were intending to pass over undetected. We must maintain our independence as an organization by keeping our work secure from prying eyes. Follow all standard security protocols and report any suspicious activity to your superiors. We must remain vigilant of enemy spies, or risk losing everything.


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