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  • One Final Effort

    Deutsches Sol Kino, Berlin, Nazi Germany

    Dr. Ludvig Maxis

    October 26th, 1944


    Ludvig’s arm grew tired as he offered another salute to the approaching General Lehmkuhl, however, it was imperative he displayed his loyalty and respect for the Nazis now populating the theater’s foyer. His fatigue also stemmed from the many restless nights awakening from nightmares. He continued to dream of a man in shadow enveloping the world around him, including Samantha. Last night in particular, his nightmare was punctuated by two faceless, black spectres hovering over the foot of his bed.


    General Lehmkuhl offered his own quick salute, smiling as he wrapped his arms around Maxis for a casual hug, as if he were meeting a long lost friend. He said, “No need for such a gesture on my account, old friend.”


    Maxis offered a short, formal smile, “It is great seeing you again, Generalleutnant.”


    Lehmkuhl’s attitude soured, “General is fine, Doktor Maxis.”


    Maxis was unsure if he had offended him, “I apologize, General. Did you receive another promotion?”


    Lehmkhl sighed, “Not quite, old friend. After my failure in Russia, well… It has been a poor year for men like us.”


    “I’m sorry to hear that.”


    “I heard what happened with that young Fraulein of yours. I offer my condolences, as I know you were quite fond of her.”


    Maxis said nothing, downing some of the red wine in his glass, being sure none spilled onto his suit and tie.


    Lehmkuhl continued, “I shouldn’t be such ein Debbie Downer… Your work here, I am sure, will take all of our breath away, ja?”


    Maxis looked towards the door as more suited Reichstag officials filed in, offering their papers to the door attendants and grabbing glasses of wine from a waiter. “I only hope so, … General. I have ensured there will be no interruptions like last time. All the necessary precautions have been taken given the prestige of tonight’s guest list.”


    Lehmkuhl sipped his own glass of wine, “I trust that tonight will be a turning point for this damned war. Should the Führer be pleased, your experiments shall continue to support our cause as they have in the past. I have full faith in you, Doktor.”


    Maxis offered a polite smile, “I am pleased to have your confidence. Speaking of the Führer … when should our guest of honor be arriving?”


    Lehmkuhl offered his empty glass towards the waiter, gesturing to the bottle for more. “Oh, I am sure he will be a few minutes late. You should know when he is here by his entourage.” He chuckled, trailing off as the waiter slowly poured his wine.


    He took the finished glass, before turning towards the stairs leading to the foyer below, “I hope we can talk like this again sometime after the presentation. I should get to my seat, down below. Auf Wiedersehen, Ludvig.”


    Lehmkuhl’s melancholic attitude made more sense to Ludvig as he watched the stout old man descend the stairs and pass under the chandelier towards the theater’s seats. A year ago, he would have been sitting higher up, in the same room as the Führer. He was unforgiving of any mistake, on the battlefield or otherwise. Tonight may be the most important night in Group 935’s history.


    Maxis leaned against some nearby railing, alone, waiting for any high-ranking Nazi to ascend the stairs and offer a greeting. He overlooked the men and women below, prattling on about war over the soothing violin being played. They gawked at the large, circular MTD receiving pad in the center of the room, some afraid to even go near it for its otherworldly design. Near the entrance leading to their seats, men were surrounding a podium which held up a small chunk of Element 115 beneath glass. 115 had become scarce as of late, with this small chunk being sourced from the Rising Sun Facility, at the behest of Division 9 scientists still working there.


    There is simply not enough of the Element to fuel every demand of the Reichstag; Supplies had been spread too thin, yet they continued pressuring Maxis into pursuing new projects. He had no doubt that many of his men must despise him for what Group 935 had become, but only hoped this notion would change after tonight.


    Maxis detested the fact that his daughter was growing up without him, now solely in the hands of Doctor Richtofen. With Doctor Wagner’s sudden departure, Edward was her only caretaker. Ludvig called Richtofen nearly every week; Only half the time did Richtofen pick up the phone and allow her to speak. The Illuminati had continued to warn Maxis against weapon production for some time, however, they had remained silent as of late. Perhaps all of these anxieties would come to an end, soon.


    The crowd of people below began to murmur as they congregated near the front entrance of the theater. Maxis walked down a few steps of the stairs, now able to see a limousine and several German army cars parked near the front entrance. He had arrived.


    In marched several Waffen-SS men brandishing weapons and clearing a path. They were followed by high-ranking Generals and Party members, heads held high without a passing glance towards anyone else in the foyer. From the rear, slouched over in a black coat with his face towards the floor, was the Führer himself. He could barely be seen over the heads of his fellow Party members now ascending the staircase towards Maxis.


    Doctor Maxis offered his most patriotic salute, being ignored by seemingly everyone in the crowd. He prepared to greet the Führer as had been planned, but he was blocked by the soldiers surrounding him. Before he could say a word, the crowd had reached the top of the staircase, where they were directed into their seats by an attendant.


    Maxis had already failed to make an impression. Tonight would be a disaster, he could feel it. He prepared to try and approach the Führer again, before having his attention drawn to a man on the staircase, offering his hand. His chest was adorned with endless rows of medals, yet he had been far more gracious than the other men.


    Maxis saluted once again, saying in German, “Apologies, General, I did not see you there. Why don’t we come to the top of the stairs? Would you like some wine, I’m sure the attendant-


    The General followed him to the top of the stairs, offering his hand once again, “I’m alright, thank you. You may call me General Steinbauer.


    Maxis remembered the name, “Ah, yes. You are the one who most graciously supplied us with samples from Project Toxic Storm. We must thank you again, General Steinbauer.


    Steinbauer smiled, “It was no issue. Doctor Steiner was reluctant to hand over the research, but I am pleased we were able to convince him. Germany’s greatest minds must collaborate if we are to win this war, yes?


    I agree wholeheartedly, General,” Maxis continued, “I only wish there was some way for us to repay you.


    Steinbauer gestured to the nearby waiter, taking a glass of wine from his tray, “Actually, Doctor Maxis, there may be a way. I understand your men in Siberia have begun research into a program to create… Super Soldiers, is it?


    Maxis was shocked, unsure how Steinbauer had become aware of the project, still in its infant stages, “The Super Soldier Program, yes… I- I must tell you, however, that there is nothing truly concrete to speak of about the project; Only concepts. Ideas. I cannot guarantee further development, with the undead army, the teleporter, weapons development-


    Steinbauer placed his hand up to stop Maxis, “Don’t worry Doctor, I am not suggesting you drop everything and pursue such work. One army at a time, yes?” He chuckled, sipping his wine.


    Maxis chuckled alongside him, nervously. He glanced around the room at posters on the wall, and at the waiter with his empty tray. He was unsure of what to say next, however, he realized the presentation was about to begin, as the foyer had cleared out.


    General Steinbauer, I believe the presentation is about to begin. Allow me to direct you to your seat.


    Steinbauer pulled his papers from his suit, displaying the contents to Maxis, “I will actually be joining you and the Führer in the Projection Room.


    Maxis nodded, pacing up a smaller set of stairs towards the Projection Room, “Ah, wonderful.


    Stepping inside after verifying their papers with the attendant, Maxis and Steinbauer crossed the narrow space between the onlookers in the room and the rectangular port through which the projector emitted light onto the screen. The lights had now dimmed, leaving the projector as the only source of light.


    Maxis leaned forward, trying to get a good look at the Führer, though his view was obscured by the men to his side, and the dim lighting of the room. He could, however, make out the tortured grimace on his face. He leaned over to one of his men, who searched the room for a chair sitting against the wall. The Führer sat in the chair, which he loudly scooted closer to the view-port to get a better look at the stage as he mumbled to himself. His hands were shaking and his face constantly twitched as the presentation began. For the supposed savior of Germany and commander of the Third Reich, he was a decrepit, pathetic thing.


    The time had come. Maxis motioned to the Projectionist to begin playing the first reel. The entire staff at the facility had endured days of rehearsal to prepare for this night, ensuring every moment was choreographed to properly show the professionalism Group 935 should be known for.


    On the screen, numbers began to count down, and members of the crowd went silent. On the stage, men in uniform began playing trumpets with a triumphant introduction to the presentation. The reel displayed images of Germany’s people smiling and waving to the Führer, men in uniform goose-stepping, and finally a still image of Group 935’s insignia. The music came to a close, as an audio recording began to play in the auditorium, at a volume heard throughout, while not being too loud for the most important officials in the Projection Room.


    In German, Doctor Thorsen’s voice over the audio recording spoke, “We are Group 935. On May 10th, 1931, Doctor Ludvig Maxis, a German-born scientist and professor at the University of Oxford at the time, was sent to investigate a meteorite that had crashed near Breslau. He discovered many incredible, otherworldly properties in the meteorite, now known as Element 115. He founded Group 935 to explore the Element’s potential, and to improve the human condition.


    Pictures began to cycle on the screen of the earliest days of Group 935, days when Maxis was far happier.


    In 1939, Group 935 began its first experiments with a technology known as ‘Teleportation’. The Matter Transference Device, or MTD, is designed to send any living subject from one location to another instantaneously. After years of work, the MTD is now able to send groups of up to four full-sized men over a distance of approximately two kilometers to a receiving pad connected via a wire.


    The recording and projection ended, as a spotlight shone down onto the bell-shaped MTD on the stage. Members of the crowd began to clap as Doctor Thorsen took to the nearby podium, speaking into the microphone, “I need one volunteer from the crowd!


    The spotlight began to shine around the room, with members of the crowd murmuring and raising their hands. The light finally settled on one man in the front row, who was invited to the stage by Doctor Thorsen. The man had actually been no volunteer, but a member of Maxis’ staff in an old German uniform. There could be no risk of failure in this demonstration. A body double of the man had even been prepared backstage in case of complications.


    The staff member in disguise eagerly shook hands with Thorsen, who guided him into the MTD. Thorsen said to the crowd, “Officer Winkler will now enter the MTD, and before your eyes, he will be teleported from the stage to the receiving pad in the lobby. I am sure you are all wondering what that thing was, yes?


    Some in the crowd began to laugh as Winkler stood in the center of the machine. The spotlight shone on him as the door came closed. Thorsen called out, “Initiating teleportation… now!


    The top of the machine began to spark as power was sucked from the entire facility. The chamber began to fill with smoke, obstructing any view of “Officer Winkler.” After a few moments, the chamber door opened, sending smoke across the stage, which vented out of windows opened near the roof. The chamber was empty, and many in the crowd let out audible gasps. Some stood from their seats, looking for where the man may have gone.


    The spotlight redirected attention towards the back entrance of the auditorium, where all of the guests had passed through. There stood Officer Winkler, who waved to everyone in the crowd as he walked back to his seat. The entire crowd began clapping as the spotlights went out.


    The Projectionist was now preparing the next reel, as Maxis leaned forward to get a view of the Führer’s reaction. There was nothing positive or negative in his expression. He then entered a coughing fit through the next segment, spitting something out on the ground afterwards.


    In 1942, Group 935 began development of Perk-a-Colas, elixirs which use the power of Element 115 to give drinkers super-human abilities! The creation process and effects have been refined to the point that these Colas are now ready for mass-production! With charming designs, Perk-a-Cola dispensers have been created and sent out across Group 935 and Division 9 facilities to improve efficiency in the work-place. Do not simply take our words on faith, watch them in action!”


    The screen displayed a video of a man consuming liquid from a soda bottle, before showing him lifting a large weight into the air with ease. Men in lab-coats around him began to apply heavier weight to the bar, but the man was unfazed. A burly man with boxing gloves then stepped into frame, punching the subject in the chest multiple times as he held on tightly to the bar in his hands. The crowd began to murmur, as the narrator continued, “You have just witnessed the raw strength provided by Jugger-nog Soda! Side effects of Perk-a-Colas have been largely minimized, and after the war, it is expected that these miracle elixirs will find their way into industry workplaces to greatly improve the effectiveness of the German labor force.


    The film displayed a clock, signifying the passage of time, as the subject on-screen was then handed a white rabbit which he gently patted on the head, “And fear not, the uncanny effects of Perk-a-Colas are only temporary! ” The film came to a close with the spotlight being shone on the stage, where the curtains opened to reveal four Perk-a-Cola machines of varying heights and color schemes.


    The crowd had been wooed by the display, but once again, the guest of honor showed little interest. He leaned over to ask something of one of his fellow generals, before shaking his head in displeasure.


    Maxis knew this was the last chance to get his attention, a final string to be cut before Group 935 tumbled into the abyss. He leaned over to the projectionist, whispering, “Advance to the final phase… ” 


    The projectionist did as he was told, playing what was meant to be the final showing of the night. Maxis had planned for this contingency before-hand, in case he could not wow the Führer with the first few phases of the presentation. If any demonstration could change his mind about Group 935, this would be the one.


    After first discovering 115, Group 935 studied its effects on both living and non-living subjects. It was found that the element had regenerative properties when reacting with dead tissue cells, and while this effect would continue to be studied for its medical potential, the most shocking discovery had yet to come. In 1939, a teleportation experiment accidentally spawned the first undead creation. A cadaver had been brought back into a state of living. While the subject lacked any indication of having a personality or intelligence, it displayed a great level of strength and resilience to blunt trauma. This creation was subsequently euthanized, but many more were created in a safer testing environment, where they were conditioned to follow the commands of our scientists. When we first vowed to assist the Party in advancing the goals of the German People, these undead creations were the largest topic of interest. We devoted thousands of man-hours to perfecting the conditioning process, to preparing the finest subjects, and to creating an army to protect the Fatherland! Today, we are pleased to present, for your viewing pleasure, the first undead regiment of the German army! Please, for your safety, hold your applause until after the presentation.”


    The crowd had gone deathly silent, haunted by the images of undead subjects being displayed on the screen. The Führer’s interest had been piqued. He now leaned forward in his chair, getting a closer look at the stage below.


    No one dared say a word. Many in the crowd jerked their heads around, unsure of where they were meant to be looking. It soon became clear, as the lights came on, and the percussion section of the band began to play. The drums started slow and quiet, building in intensity. Soon they were joined by the triumphant brass, the horns resounding and mighty. The marching music was undercut by the sound of several unified boots meeting hardwood.


    Out from the lobby walked a backwards-facing soldier, his weapon at the ready as he marched in step with the beat of the music. He marched backwards down the aisle towards the stage, as the boot stepping grew louder and more intense. There were murmurs in the crowd below, followed by several muffled gasps. The Führer stood up from his chair, mouth agape, peering his head out of the port to view what was coming down the aisle. Maxis began to grin, the reactions as planned.


    They stepped out into the light, marching in unison like a well-trained battalion of the Army. Their form was impeccable, perfectly in line with the bombastic music echoing throughout the theater, however, their arms and their heads seemed to sway unnaturally from side to side. They all wore identical uniforms, brandished with an armband made up of Group 935’s insignia and that of the Nazi Party. These specially-fitted uniforms did little to deter the putrid stench wafting from their sickly bodies, which Maxis’ men had been unable to reduce.


    Many men below began to panic, climbing over each other to get further away from the aisle. The Untoten paid them little attention, their attention focused on their handler, the man in uniform at the front of the pack.


    As they reached the stage, the four columns of Untoten fanned out to form two rows and turn towards the crowd of onlookers.


    The spectators stayed mostly quiet. In the Projection Room, the Führer was stunned. He whispered very loudly to his men, the words unrecognizable, but the tone one of disbelief and some modicum of disgust. Just as it was intended.


    The band closed out its performance, bowing to no applause, as was instructed. The handler then raised his arm and snapped his fingers to garner the attention of the Untoten. He stamped his right foot, raising his arm up to the sky, shouting, “Sieg Heil!


    Just as predicted, the Untoten responded with a unified salute, letting out a furious wail as they did so.


    To Maxis’ side, General Steinbauer shook his head in disbelief, smiling, “Magnificent, aren’t they?


    The Führer turned to his men, speaking passionately with them. Surely, he would reinstate the Reichstag’s funding of Group 935.


    On the stage, the Untoten followed commands given by their handler with perfect rhythm. As he led them to perform another salute, however, one of the Untoten in the back row swung its arm too widely, knocking down one in the front row. It wriggled around, flailing its arms as it rose back to its boots.


    The crowd had begun to murmur, and Maxis had grown tense. The handler followed procedures, however, reclaiming the fallen one’s attention, ordering it to rise slowly. Tensions lowered as it rejoined the battalion. Years of research had culminated in this single interaction going as planned.


    The Führer had noticed the exchange, turning his attention to Maxis. Maxis froze, terrified of what to do next. The Führer hobbled closer to Maxis, his posture still hunched-over. He outstretched his right hand, his left one stuck in his jacket. Maxis cautiously accepted the man’s clammy hand, and the Führer spoke to Maxis for the first time, “Congratulations, Doctor.” He said nothing further, turning his attention to his men. He then went into a coughing fit, frazzling his hair and hacking saliva onto the floor. His men assisted him in walking back to his seat. He was much more… pitiful than Maxis had imagined.


    On the stage, the handler prepared to lead the Untoten back to their holding area, when one of the subjects tripped and fell to the floor, as one of the others stepped over. The handler was quick to halt the group, attempting to refocus the attention of the fallen subject. He had nearly done so, when a loud clang could be heard from behind the stage, loud enough to be heard throughout the entire theater. Through the curtains, a large piece of wooden scaffolding toppled to the ground, grabbing the attention of many of the Untoten.


    The handler panicked, unable to command all of the Untoten at once. Many near the front had turned their gaze to people in the crowd.


    Maxis’ blood went cold. He shoved the projectionist aside, activating the PA system, shouting, “Everyone, remain calm! Allow the handler to regain control, and exit the theater in a single-file line!


    The Untoten began to swing their heads side to side, prepared to pounce. The handler backed slowly away, before going into a full-on sprint down the aisle towards the lobby. The lead Untoten was quicker, however, sending him to the ground, screaming in agony. The doors to the lobby then flung open, and German soldiers began to yell out as they fired their MP-40s into the attacker.


    Men and women in the crowd screamed, trampling over each other in hordes, pushing towards the soldiers at the lobby doors. The agitated Untoten followed close behind, ripping the flesh of several members from the front row as they made their way down the aisle. The soldiers in the room had little opportunity to take out the threats, their bullets potentially hitting very important Reichstag officials.


    Maxis’ heart pounded, and his knees felt weak. He turned to the men in the room, who were now yelling as they were corralled out of the room by their SS escorts. The Führer had a look of fury and disdain, as he shouted in incomprehensible German, pointing to Doctor Maxis.


    A hail of gunfire was heard down below along with the toppling of bodies to the floor. Maxis could not bear to look, as he stood comatose, looking towards the open door. He leaned against the wall as his legs gave out, and he slid down to the floor. This would be the end.



    Ludvig Maxis stood overlooking the stage as he sipped his tea one last time. Nearly a dozen bodies remained along the aisle of the theater, the others having been gathered by the cleaning crew for disposal. Ludvig placed his tea cup onto his desk, having brought it back into the Projection Room, before sitting down in his chair.


    At the door, he heard a knock. Unwilling to discuss the fallout of what had just transpired, Maxis yelled out, “Leave me be, Thorsen.”


    The door knob turned anyway, and into the room stepped General Steinbauer.


    Maxis leapt out of his chair, approaching him and speaking in German, “I sincerely apologize, General Steinbauer! If I had know you were still here, I would have-”


    Steinbauer interrupted, “Do not worry, Doctor. I am not here in any official capacity.


    Oh, well,” Maxis glanced around the room, “I should get you some tea, I’m sure I have another cup somewhere…” 


    Steinbauer raised his hand, “No need. Please, sit, I would like to discuss something with you, privately.


    Of course, General.


    Steinbauer shut the door as Maxis took a seat. He then took a look out onto the stage, then around the room, as if searching for something.


    Maxis spoke up, “Can I help you with anything, General?


    Steinbauer shook his head, “No, that’s alright… You do not happen to have any recording devices in the room, do you?


    Maxis replied, “No, this room is usually my office, not a laboratory.


    Steinbauer pulled up the chair the Führer once sat in, placing himself across from Maxis. “I have bad news… but good news as well.


    Maxis nodded his head, prepared for what Steinbauer had to say.


    He continued, “The Reichstag will no longer be funding Group 935’s work. However, I… have something of a proposal for you, Doctor. May we speak in English, please? I dearly need the practice.”


    Maxis nodded, “Yes, absolutely. What is this proposal?”


    Steinbauer sighed, “Despite tonight’s unfortunate happenings, I still believe in your work. I believe in science as a tool for bettering mankind, just as you do. Your work is impeccable, and with such strong leadership from yourself, it is no wonder.”


    Maxis paused, “Thank you, General.”


    “But I know what your problem is. I know why your organization has continued to achieve privately, but fail publicly. I am sure you have run into them ? … The Illuminati?”


    Maxis was shaken, unsure what to say next, for fear of reprisal.


    Steinbauer continued, “I had my suspicions after what Lehmkuhl told me about the first incident. It was an act of deliberate sabotage. I questioned why Group 935 would halt weapons manufacturing, despite the continued successes of its projects such as the DG-2.”


    Maxis looked to his feet, “They threatened my daughter… “


    “I do not blame you, Doctor, I do not. Their men are everywhere, pulling the strings, manipulating this war to meet their own ends. They are in your organization as well as the Reichstag.”


    Maxis asked in a hushed tone, “Who? Who are they?”


    “I have my suspicions about a few in your staff as well as my own, but I cannot be completely certain. As far as I am aware, they have successfully infiltrated our government, and they want to end this war with an Allied victory.”


    Ludvig had his head in his hands, “What can we do?”


    Steinbauer leaned towards Maxis, garnering his attention, “I have been preparing for this for some time. I have gathered names of people that I know I can trust with no connection to the Illuminati. We have come together to form Die Spinne : When Berlin falls, and it will, my loyal men will be planted around the world, ready for the Reich to rise again from the ashes.”


    Maxis was intrigued, “Die Spinne?


    “My proposal, Doctor Maxis, is a partnership with the new Reich . We have garnered a great deal of wealth in the form of gold, and we will be able to fund your projects for decades to come. In exchange, you will perfect the undead army. Not only this, but you will give us weapons to blitzkrieg across Europe once again. You will give us Super Soldaten to strike fear into our enemies.”


    Maxis feared the same mistakes would be made as in the current war, “What makes you believe we will be successful this time?”


    “Frankly, Doctor, this war has been a colossal failure due to the arrogant leadership of the current Party. Adolf Hitler will not be the Führer forever. Even he can see what is coming. Under my leadership, we will be more able to accomodate your needs, unlike the Reichstag. We will not spread your resources too thinly to get results. There is also the added benefit that we are operating in the shadows, prepared to strike when we are ready. Time is our ally.”


    Maxis inquired, “What of the Illuminati?”


    “They must not know about our partnership. As far as they, and the world, are concerned, Group 935 has cut ties with the Nazi Party. However, a new group will be formed… one which is to focus on the goal of carrying out our Master Plan. It shall be known as Group 6-0-1. Group 935 will continue to operate at all of its research stations, uninterrupted. Meanwhile Group 601 will work in the shadows, prepared for the day we will rise once again. You will have plausible deniability, as Group 935 will still be considered independent. After this war has ended, the Illuminati will be too busy setting their sights on their next target to worry about you, Doctor.”


    Maxis nodded, “This arrangement may indeed work… I would need to find out who amongst my men I can trust to be a part of 'Group 601’.”


    Steinbauer agreed, “Indeed, that should be priority number one. I will share with you those I am suspicious of in your staff, but the rest is up to you. I trust your judgement, Doctor. We are alike in many ways.”


    The pair stood up, shaking hands. Maxis paced towards the balcony, looking out over the stage, “I still fear for my daughter’s safety. There is no telling what this Illuminati is capable of.”


    Steinbauer said, “Send her to your Siberian Facility. Not only will it be the perfect location to hide progress on your Super Soldaten Program, but she will be safe from harm. I will send my most trusted soldiers to guard the facility, and no one outside our arrangement will know of its true purpose. She will be safer there than anywhere else in the world.”


    Maxis thought it over. This may indeed be the place she would be safest. He began to review names of potential staff to recruit for this new Group, and who he should send to Siberia, those who could be most trusted. Doctor Richtofen crossed Maxis’ mind, not because of his trustworthiness, but because of the fact that he, too, was threatened by the Illuminati along with Samantha. He could not be connected to them, if that were the case.


    Maxis turned to Steinbauer, “I must ask, why is it that you have entrusted me with this secret? What if I had declined?”


    Steinbauer grinned, “I knew you would accept the offer, Doctor, because I know the real reason you started Group 935, more so than that meteorite in Poland.”


    Maxis was puzzled at first, slowly realizing Steinbauer’s meaning.


    Steinbauer continued, “Do you remember when Group 935 was asked to supply IG Farben with gases for their experiments?”


    Maxis nodded as Steinbauer went on to say, “One Doctor Blome took part in that project, and the two of us eventually met and bonded over a shared interest: A certain… theory that I know you were eager to prove for years, Doctor Maxis.”


    Steinbauer approached the door as Maxis followed. He went on, “While your men break the trust barrier and create super soldiers in Siberia, I suggest you stay here and work closely with Doctor Blome. Your men will create the army the German People need to reclaim their country, while you will perform the work the German People need to reclaim the world.


    The General stepped out of the room, tipping his hat to Maxis as he prepared to close the door behind him, “Believe in the Welteis, and the dead start walking.


    The door shut, leaving Maxis in the midst of silence. He paced over to the window, watching as the bodies were carted off backstage.


    This will not be the end of Group 935. There will be one final, grand effort.

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