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    18th of May, 1945


    Message For Ludvig Maxis


    Subject: New Scientist Requiring Special Approval




    While you have entrusted me with the staffing of our facilities in your absence, I feel it is necessary in this case to seek your special approval for a scientist who wishes to join our organization. Dr. Peter McCain has studied Pathology in Munich for the past seven years, garnering an impressive body of work for all his efforts. He certainly seems eager to join Group 935, however, I have my reservations about his allegiance. While he has lived in Munich for much of his career, he was primarily educated in the United States.


    Despite Germany’s official surrender, he could prove a liability in our partnership with Die Spinne. You mentioned previously that Chancellor Steinbauer warned us of potential spies in Group 935 that could jeopardize our current efforts. The spy discovered at Der Eisendrache last year proves it is possible for our enemies to hide within our own staff. Dr. McCain’s background appears clean, however, I leave the final decision up to you, Ludvig.


    Also, I have informed Dr. Richtofen of your orders to relocate to the Siberian Facility in the coming months. He has been reluctant to cooperate, but is currently gathering necessary equipment and scientists here at Der Riese. Samantha appears happy and healthy.


    Best regards,


    - Doctor Porter

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