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  • Message For Cpt. Takeo Masaki

    This letter arrived today for the Samurai. Its contents may raise suspicions of our intentions, however, it would perhaps be dishonorable to deny him his father’s final words. I shall leave the final decision as to whether or not he should receive the message up to Dr. Okitsu. 




    I am humbled by your kind words, and I wish to assure you of my safety for the time being. I apologize for my actions; While I believe they were honorable, they may yet have endangered our family. Though you still believe in the Emperor’s wisdom, I ask that you search your heart for guidance in this matter. I have witnessed atrocities in Nanjing and Panjiayu I never thought imaginable under our own flag. I am forbidden from sharing the details under threat of imprisonment, however, I believe a far darker fate will befall me should I speak publicly. The Emperor may not be who we thought He was.


    If the Emperor himself sent you to undertake this mission, He may still trust you. I, however, am not looked upon with such grace. He has sent men to watch over me; They circle our home like vultures, watching every move I make. I do not regret speaking to the Emperor personally about the cruelties I witnessed, and I urge you to do the same with the men you were sent to investigate, this Division 9. Be wary of their movements; They are not to be trusted. I have seen how they treat captured prisoners of war.


    Our ancestors will watch over myself and your mother, just as they will watch over you in your mission. I have passed my blade on to you because I believe you have proven yourself as a warrior, and as the next son in the Masaki bloodline, you will keep the dying Samurai spirit alive. You will be the greatest of our lineage.


    Your Father, 


    Saburō Masaki.”

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