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  • ServantA91374.txt

    ***TOP SECRET***




    What follows is a sample from the Der Riese project "Datenbediensteter" (translated: DATA SERVANT).  Sample was acquired from CIA asset based out of Vozrozhdeniya in the Soviet Union and is translated from its original German below:


    ***SERVANT ENTRY A91374***


    *Ludwig Maxis


    *Personal file.


    *The experiments continue


    *And the Reichstag call it


    *A success.


    *But these creatures


    *Cannot be controlled.


    *Their minds are lost.


    *They are automotons.


    *This is what the Reichstag




    *Between the teleporters


    *And our Armeeuntoten


    *They believe the world


    *Will be theirs.


    *But the untoten cannot


    *Be contained.


    *It spreads far worse than


    *Ever imagined.


    *It will be the death


    *Of us all.


    ***END FILE***

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