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  • Dr. Schuster Diary Entry: 18th of July, 1942 

    “Dear diary,


    It has been quite some time since I first arrived on the Moon, and in that time I have had little to no chance to practice in my primary field of expertise: Chemistry. Dr. Richtofen has requested that I oversee the study of the pyramid along with Dr. Groph, a task I do not take lightly. Still, since I heard the news that Dr. Maxis had taken control of my old Perk-a-Cola project, I have been eager to return to my favorite branch of science from my undergraduate studies. It is strange; For months I worked night and day trying to perfect the formulas, and it was never enough. Yet, as Dr. Richtofen describes it, someone managed to create the Element 115-infused drinks I had dreamt of for years, and that someone left them in a box outside Maxis’ office wrapped in a red scarf. Dr. Richtofen was understandably suspicious of me, but I honestly have no idea how my work could have gotten out, and who might have gone out of their way to complete the project in my absence. Edward informed me that Group 935 is beginning to formulate new ideas to be added to the project, but none have matched the utility of my original four concepts: Jugger-nog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive Soda, and Double Tap Root Beer... I fear what the Wehrmacht will be capable of with my creations. Hitler’s armies have trampled across Europe and are now on Soviet soil. At times I am thankful to be on a celestial body far from the Earth, away from the senseless violence.


    Dr. Richtofen has also informed me that much of Group 935’s supply of chemical compounds including diatomite and prussic acid are being sold off to a pest control company in Germany. It seems the Reichstag is no longer interested in chemical weapons of war, and I am thankful to no longer take part in such barbaric research. 

    I often feel lonely at Griffin Station; Groph and his cohorts are all uniquely bizarre and I find that I cannot relate to any of them. Edward visits the station occasionally, but he has not been himself in quite some time. The cause may possibly be the stress of working under two scientific organizations, all the while hiding one away from the other. Another theory stems from a behavioral pattern I have observed in many other scientists here, and even occasionally myself. All of us who have worked closely with the pyramid tend to have outbursts of anger and confusion, some more than others. Richtofen’s behavior in particular has been completely irrational, unlike anyone I have seen before, and he was the first to discover the MPD. At times he can be the same jovial busy-body I once knew, and at others he is short with anyone who crosses his path. I have chosen to withhold this theory from him, because I fear what extra stress this may cause. I know the weight of the world rests on his shoulders in his endeavor to make it a better one. I believe he will overcome the burden and succeed in the end; He always has.


    It was Edward who suggested I keep a diary of my daily routine and my thoughts, and I understand now why: It is an amazing relief of stress. The past two weeks suggest a positive outcome in our project. Two days ago, our archaeological team discovered a new deposit of Element 115 south of Griffin Station and began mining operations. We also completed the second phase of the Bio-Dome project last night. We no longer need large shipments of oxygen to the station, as the plant life located in the BioDome now generates enough oxygen to support the station indefinitely. Our success proves that human life may be sustainable on any planet should overpopulation become an issue. This is exactly the type of research I expected when I first joined Group 935, and two years ago I could have never foreseen such progress.


    Today Dr. Groph and I will be working with the MPD as we attempt to discover how to open this “gateway to another dimension.” Last night, Dr. Groph showed me a set of ancient symbols seen on the face of the pyramid that he intends to input into the device. I can only hope Dr. Richtofen was correct in his assertion that Dr. Groph knows what he is doing regarding this ‘Vril’ technology.”

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