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    It was nice catching up with you over drinks the other night. Just like old times, huh? Felt like no time had passed at all. As if we were still back home getting buzzed on a Saturday night. But I know it has been a while, and I know that’s partially my fault. I should have tried to reach out before last night, you know?


    I’m also sorry about Raines. Rook, Turner, and Hunter too. I know you talked a lot of shit, but I also know you respected the Hell out of the Sarge. What a rotten way to die. But, I’m gonna make it count. The Krauts won’t know what hit ‘em. After this, we’re going home, and this time I’m buying us Blowtorches. Maybe we could even make it a regular thing. Our daughters are about the same age, right? Maybe we could even set up a playdate for them and catch up on some baseball. You still owe me for our last bet. The Giants won whether you like it or not.


    Maybe you feel bad about the whole Phoebe thing, but forget about it. We were young and dumb. I might still be pretty dumb, but Basic toughened me up enough to put it all behind us. It’s not worth losing a friend, and I like to think we’re more than friends. We’re like brothers. 


    I forgive you, brother. Semper Fi.


    - Pete

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