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  • RE: Maxis Files

    From: Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer


    To: Dr. Vannevar Bush


    Date/Time: Monday, October 31, 1955


    Subject: RE: Maxis Files


    Dr. Bush,


    Many of the recordings are garbled, but what I have managed to recover has shed some new light on the final days of Group 935. As time progresses chronologically, Dr. Ludwig Maxis’ mind seems to deteriorate. I concur that he is a man ahead of his time, but also a man full of fear and anger. It is unfortunate that his legacy will be so tarnished by his choices in the war.


    I’ve also found something you may find interesting since those “Banana” limericks tickled you so much. A letter was found in the archive, stored with the research recovered at Der Riese. The letter is for an estranged friend of the writer, forgiving him for some quarrel they had in the past. It was addressed to a US Marine named Dempsey. Wasn’t there a Marine named Dempsey lost in the Verruckt outbreak? How did it end up at Der Riese?


    I have attached a copy for your viewing and sent the original to Cornelius Pernell. I believe he oversaw that operation.



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