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  1. I've came back to actually explain "Shallows of Hell" instead of give just an overview of story... First off the summoning keys location before the events of shadows of Evil is unknown at least too me, and Zetsubou No Shima takes place after shadows of Evil, so keeping the location before this a mystery would just make it less complicated. Second off I changed the four Aetherial keeping the Aether's Blight and JBZ.Rail_DG4, Instead I wanted to make it like Treyarch where it's one weapon that ties into the map, this being swords, being the Aether, Fire, Aquatic, and Thunder all with there unique ways to claim them, next are enemies 1- Zombies, the traditional enemy 2- Hell Hounds, to fit the whole hell perspective of the map, 3- Nepalms, because you can never go wrong with Nepalms 4- Keepers, Summoning Keys and apothicons 5- Margwas 6- Parasites 7- The Shadow Man (Bossfight side A) 8- Satan (Bossfight Side B) The weapons will also be Waw or WW2. (Due to the Time period) The music which is something most don't talk about because usually music isn't ever a thought for custom Zombies, but the music I think would have that Hawaiian vibe mixed with a legendary feel like origins but to go with the atmosphere... And finally the Story. The story takes place before the events of Mob of the Dead and Shadows of Evil, Group 935 Have a fictional island in the real island but have made some enemies. Jason D. Makow- Agent David Nadali- Guard Sophia Grey - model from England (Not Sophia from Gorod Krovi) And Dr. Hung Li- Scientist Group 935 had effected there lives in a way to where they all seek revenge so they plan a heist to steal an artifact from a Cargo Boat. The day arrives and the get the artifact just to be stopped in there tracks by a guard who accidentally lets out Fragments of the Dark Aether trapping them in an chaos like trial where it is at the brink of collapse, luckily the summoning key is still on the island leaving the four to survive. In the end after Satan is defeated, the summoning key is launched into an unknown location far from the island, they manage to escape by plane through a gateway opened while doing the Easter egg by shooting the Observatory trap into the "Eye"... And the map is whatever it just would have to include, Shangri-La Like temples, The cargo boat in ruins (like call of the Dead), A chamber for the swords and the summoning key, A facility for pack a punch, only accessible after collecting four relics on the island, a mask, a tomahawk, a vase?, And a dagger. An observatory Finally a beach where challenges would be. It's a shame I can't make this as I just don't have the time so this is only and idea and nothing more, thank you if you read this.
  2. Here is an Idea "Shallows of Hell" This map takes place on a Hawaiian island owned by Group 935, this map would introduce a new crew, Jason Makow, Hung Li, David Nedalli, and Sophia Grey. There is two newly original wonder weapons, JBZ.Rail_DG4, and the Aether's Blight, with three others The Aether's Staff, The Aether's Bow, and The Aether's Axe. The story is Jason Makow lost something valuable and contacted Hung Li and the other two for a heist. -Intro- A month later a party is thrown from the island, while everyone is distracted the four characters meet up and sneak on to a Group 935 Cargo Boat but a guard spots the four and fallows them meanwhile Jason. Find his item, The summoning key, but as soon as he acquires it the guard grabs and accidentally releases the Dark Aether and the summoning Key flies off, during all of this a chain reaction goes off causing the Valcano on the island to Erupt causing demons to come crawling out. -endings- There are two endings, "Let hell break loose" In shallows of Hell, Face your Demons. or "Shadows of Hell" In Shallows of Hell, listen to his voice. By the end... The Summoning Key ends up in Morg City. The end
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