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  1. They really are all great! They're probably my second favorite part about the maps. I couldn't agree more about mystery, shockwave, and drowning as well. Nice pick for your favorite btw. 115 is amazing! It's my ringtone lol.
  2. Out of all the games I'd say that The Gift is my favorite of all time. I'm more of a fan of the fast, more metal songs but those are definitely some great ones!
  3. Perhaps the blood casued some sort of paradox which resulted in the yellow eyes in some way.
  4. @anonymous That could be the case as well, that the zombies retain their hunger for flesh and needing to kill regardless of who is in control. However, they can just be directed more. Given a bit more of a purpose by the one in control. Also, about Monty and the Shadowman, they could very well be in some sort of higher power than those in the MPD. It would make sense because from what I can tell and have read from the timeline the Shadowman wanted Richtofen to enter the MPD. He was one of the voices of corruption that directed and drove Ultimis Richtofen to do what he did. So he probably had/has some sort of higher abilities than the MPD user.
  5. @RadZakpak That is a really good point! In terms of the Die Rise cutscene that could definitely be the case. Due to them disobeying, Richtofen had them killed and then brought them back until they completed the task. There's other interesting notes of this like in Tranzit. There are quotes (that I think were cut but still in the files) where Richtofen orders the zombies to attack Victis. In another quote though he also says "I'll keep my pretties from overwhelming you too much okay? So relaaaax." Or something of that nature. So yeah, he seems to use them as more of a means to an end kind of thing. The zombies are like tools. Or like cats chasing mice in a sense, but with more of an objective. They're not exactly meant to kill Victis but if Victis disobeys or are simply overwhelmed, they're killed and then brought back over and over. Since it is a game in Richtofen's eyes and not life or death for him, he can enjoy watching them struggle and die and to just bring them back after. He is sadistic after all.
  6. @anonymous Yes. In comic 1, the zombies have no color in their eyes whatsoever. They just posses regular eyes that you would see on a normal person to an extent; and perhaps you're right. Maybe we should forget time because it could very well be different years in different universes.
  7. @RequixEclipse Where's your evidence to support this? If you go look at the timeline, Samantha being in control of them..doesn't really match up. At least not with the dates you've provided. A little thing I'd like to note as well is that even in issue 6, Richtofen mentions how she's in the house which could mean Samantha couldn't have been in control at all. Until you show me some more evidence or explain your thinking a little bit more, I'll have to disagree with you.
  8. @RequixEclipse I'm not sure that is the case. It isn't established in the comics what timeline or what years they take place in. One of the only confirmations we have of time wise is when Victis enters the Broken Arrow Facility in June 24, 1996. Also, the only timeline where Samantha is in control of the zombies in 1910-1912 is in Dimension 63, and it is never established in the timeline that the comics took place in dimension 63 besides possibly a few events, and during them, Victis isn't fighting zombies. So we don't know when they happened except that the events take place after Victis has left Buried. Still, a year is not really given. Like I said, Victis IS involved during certain events that have been given dates other than entering the Broken Arrow facility but they're not fighting the zombies during them. Not to mention all of the teleportation they do, its hard to pin down what timelines they go to. So I'm not exactly sure that we can chop it up to Samantha being in control, at least not with full certainty. One last note, if all of the comic issues took place during those years and Samantha WAS indeed in control, the zombies' eyes would be yellow through every issue of the comics, issue 1 and onwards unless it was overlooked by the artists, which IS possible but I'm hoping that's not the case. However, I greatly appreciate the input ?.
  9. On Revelations I've only seen zombies having red eyes. However in the trailer for the dlc, I do remember seeing some of the zombies having a red/orange glow. Although from what I can tell, it seems to have been some sort of glitch that was corrected before the map released. Also, I agree. Since GK, I've been a little less certain on what the eye color truly signified, but I've nevertheless just continued to believe it represents who is in control. As for that Classified radio, I utterly and completely agree. Yellow eyes are definitely involved with Samantha/Ludvig Maxis. Upon hearing that radio and Schuster pointing out that the zombie's eyes were yellow, it was a pretty big moment to me as the importance of eye color came into actual dialogue. Like you said, yellow is not the normal color for zombies' eyes to be. Especially considering Schuster pointed it out and was fixated on this strange change of the zombie's eyes. Showing he obviously knows of Samantha controlling them in the past and was possibly reminded of this fact, hinting at why he was afraid to continue the undead experiments as she might take control of them (and she did) like she had with the others. Pertaining to the comics, you could be right. This could have been simply overlooked by the artists or it could actually mean something. I have a feeling though that it does mean something indeed. But like you said, we don't know what yet.
  10. Good points! I was also curious about why the zombies had yellow eyes in those maps in BO3. The more I thought about it, the more it just didn't make sense. But the kronorium could very well be what caused the zombies to have yellow eyes in both the comics and the maps. I honestly wouldn't doubt it since there are always unforseen consequences and events that play out that we don't get to fully see. Also, your theory about there being only one MPD and leader of the undead at any single time could also be a good explanation as to why this occurred.
  11. So, something I have been curious about for a while now concerning the first six issues of comics involving Victis, is that throughout the first three issues, the zombies have no color in their eyes. Which would mean no one in the Aether is controlling them. Which makes sense considering Victis is seemingly sent to another alternate Earth different from the one Tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried took place in as Maxis DESTROYED that version of Earth. However, in issues 4-6, after Victis is transported to the "Empty Earth" to acquire the Kronorium, the zombies that appear and chase after them very distinctly have yellow eyes. This is evident in several panels of each issue, even AFTER Victis is transported back to the "normal" fractured Earth they have been in up until issue 3. Now what I'm wondering is why? This change was obviously made for a reason and what is that reason? The eye colors have always signified who is in control of the zombies: Yellow for Samantha, Blue for Richtofen, Orange for Maxis, and Red for the Apothicons, but how would Samantha be controlling them if she is most likely in the house by this time and Victis is in another dimension? This has confused me for a long time and I have yet to be able to get an answer to this question. Other thoughts on this?

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