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  1. Cat

    Medal Request Topic

    Hi! I was wondering if I could redeem some shiny medals! Intro Medal Russman and headshot medals Survivor Rank 1 and Kills Rank 1 Thanks!
  2. Cat

    hi, im a cat

    Thanks! I'm somewhat familiar to the story. All I really remember is that the whole reason everything was set into motion was because there was an accident invoving a little girl named Samantha, and all the zombie dogs are based off her dog, Fluffy. I'm sure I'll catch up soon enough, nothing a little bit of googling won't fix. ;P
  3. So, I don't know if anyone else has ever played the WAW zombie port on the iPhone, but there is something kinda weird that happens in it. So, I kinda have a theory on it. Obliviously, like any other theory, this could be completely wrong, and i'm just over thinking a port for the iPhone, that is probably not cannon to the zombies story line at all... But I still think its interesting none the less. Lets start with WAW. In this tutorial, you meet Dr. Richthofen, who is downed outside a window in Nacht der Untoten. He wakes you out of unconsciousness by yelling "Hey you, American! Wake up! ". He teaches you the touch screen controls and the basics of how to play zombies. Wall buying weapons, rebuilding barricades, basic baby stuff. Then, at the end of the tutorial, this happens... Nah, you'll be fine. You okay there mate? Oh. So, once Richthofen's zombification happens, you have to end his misery with a Mauser bullet to the face. This act of mercy concludes the tutorial. Well, in the cannon Treyarch Zombies, this is apparently what happens (According the Call of Duty Wikia) I know that it would be a very large stretch, considering that the zombie Richthofen in question turns into in the tutorial has yellow eyes. However, in the Shadows Of Evil jumpscare easter egg, we see a zombie Richthofen with yellow eyes and a hat, that are extremely similar to the iPhone version of zombie Richthofen. Could the iPhone WAW zombies tutorial be the canonical very end of Richthofen, with him turning into a zombie and such? In my 100% honest opinion? Probably not. But it is a pretty cool coincidence, considering that the IOS version of WAW zombies came out 6 years before BO3 came out. It should also be noted that in the BO1 zombies iPhone port, the character you play as turns into a zombie, which can be Richthofen, but only if you select to play as him before starting the tutorial, so its not really applicable to my theory. What do you guys think this weird additon to the IOS version of zombies? also did anybody else really enjoy the Zombie ports? they were a life saver in middle school lol.
  4. Cat

    hi, im a cat

    Heyo, i found this neat fourm while looking for ways to find zombie groups, and it looks pretty neat. I look forward to my time here. I've been playing since WAW, and I'm getting back into the swing of things with BO3 on PC. Hoping to meet some neat friendos through this forum!

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