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  1. bunnyblastt

    T-Virus Thread

    Not sure if you guys have seen the glitchingqueen video where she talks about the dead margwa heart actually saving to your account like the navcards. This sounds like what blundell was hinting at in the interview.
  2. bunnyblastt

    bunnyblastt, ee hunter

    Thanks everyone! Definitely loving the hospitality from all the veterans here. Does therealDF visit these forums also? Just wondering
  3. bunnyblastt

    T-Virus Thread

    I noticed it wasn't there anymore around 23-25. I hadn't got the xenomatter to drop, and hadn't done the pap or anything to do with the sword. The only thing I did different from a normal game was upgrading the trip mines to donuts, grabbing the letter from dry cleaners and summoning the civil protector im not 100 percent sure but I feel this is the game I only had the RR worm in hand. My apologies for not having a screen shot, although I do have the ending clip where I get stuck inside the margwa and the civil protector keeps reviving lol
  4. bunnyblastt

    T-Virus Thread

    Thank you very much for the warm welcome and pointing me to the intro page. Yeah the reddit is too muddied up with unimportant info now. I wasn't quite sure about the Jessica quote, but thanks for clearing that up with me. The reason I asked about the bags is because I've noticed somehow the one in the canals will vanish but I'm not quite sure how. That's what I've been doing, just running around with the A.S not shooting anything. If I was to give my guess, we definitely hit the PONR when we open the pap.
  5. bunnyblastt

    bunnyblastt, ee hunter

    Hey guys, been watching the forums off and on for years now and finally made an account. I frequent the reddit zombies page but feel like it's just full of nonsense now. Anyways I'm just another easter egg hunter looking for people to share theories with. I'm very familiar with the zombies storylines, lovecraft mythos, and have completed every main ee. Hit me up on ps4 if you want to do some hunting or just want to chat :) bunnyblastt
  6. bunnyblastt

    T-Virus Thread

    Been watching this post for a while now and decided I would make an account and share my findings. First off the quote Jessica says upon buying the trip mines "looks like another piece to an unsolvable puzzle". Is this in relation to the bouncing Betty upgrade, or something more? I was playing a game earlier and whenever I switched to the upgraded trip mines it gave me the name "zm_weapon_devildonut" or something along those lines, probably just a glitch but strange none the less One last thing, the lunch bags noted above. Does anyone know how exactly to get any of them to disappear? P.s haven't seen anything strange with in plain sight and noire mode but will keep trying

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