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  1. Me (John 5117) and my girlfriend ( emoheart2003595) got to round 30 and gave up on purpose, we had to get up early, we did this last night, we camped up in the bar, i used packed an-94, hamr and the mark 1 ray gun, she used the mark 2 ray gun the paralyzer and the galil packed (she went down a lot because she has a broke wrist and it locked up on her) we used the subsurface resonator and the turbine so we could conserve ammo, to get where we camped, go to the bar clear the debris inside make a left and first door on the right, zombies come from one direction,that's pretty much what we did this weekend we are gonna try to get 50 see if we can do it
  2. id say use the mark ray gun 2 and petrifier with an an-94 its pretty good
  3. hey if u play on xbox and u have live add me "John 5117"
  4. Welcome to the forums John 5117 :)

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